Craft (Poisonmaking) Clarifications

Hey y’all! I have a question for the Craft (Poisonmaking) skill outlined on Page 49 of the Athasian Emporium.

“If a sample of the ingredient is available”: How big is a sample? How many samples fit in a cubic foot?

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I didn’t work on Athasian Emporium, but, IMO, a “sample” of a poison or venom could be excessively small - a single leaf of a poisonous plant, a few drops of an animal’s venom.

It could also be much larger if a DM wished (perhaps the entire stinger from a monsterous scorpion or several handfuls of poisonous berries) - the text isn’t clear on this, although I’d personally argue that 10 kilos of a poisonous root isn’t really a “sample” if its the entire amount you need to make the poison - that’s not what that word means.

Is that helpful?

@methvezem Did you work on this section?

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I’d say it’s up to the DM. They can just say if it is enough for a sample or not. Do they want to have the bard make it for cheaper or more expensive?

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