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I’ve had a couple of questions recently about what it takes to get products out officially for The Burnt World of Athas. Here at the BWOA “Templars” are the title for those who have led a project or contributed greatly to projects we’ve put out.

Both in our world and on Athas, few become Templars without action. Sure on Athas that action might be bribery, but here in at The Burnt World of Athas all the Templars created projects or contributed to several projects and saw them through.

So how do you do that? You just do it. Gather a team or do the work on your own depending on the project. Create a project you want and bring it to life. If it matches the quality of previous things that have been put out here and the themes and tone of Dark Sun we’ll be happy to add it to our official offerings. Is it a guarantee it’ll be added, no, but if it matches the tone and themes and is good work you have nothing to worry about. And even if it’s not accepted, that doesn’t diminish the work. It could still be great content, just not inline with the Senates view of the world.

After you’ve released something you may be invited to be a Templar and have say in other aspects of the site. It’s true, much of this has fallen to the wayside as past Templars stepped away and interested has waned. However; interest seem to be on the rise again and I see more Templars on the horizon and who knows maybe some Senators?

You can see all current and former staff here.

Let’s take our newest Templar @neujack , with the tenacity of a bulldog he got the documents and started working on them. At first it was on his own. And when their work was notice by us we started working with them. Then we pulled in Austin and other folks who worked on it before to give some historical knowledge of the project. Ultimately Jack took everything and pulled it together to bring this project back to unlife. I’m fairly certain Jack wasn’t just trying to become a Templar or even to have something released officially. He just wanted to see the project through. We saw that and decided to encourage his passion and help in any way we could.

June also just put out an amazing Urik book, I’ve told him that assuming after a review everything looks good that I’d love to host it on the site. He agreed. He just created the project, not because it was going to be on the site, but because he wanted to.

It’s a bit of trial by fire. Show that you can do the thing and then we’ll see where we land.

Good luck to all you prospective future Templars and Senators.


Huzzah! Guidelines! Happy day. :grin:

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