Crowdfund "Desert Encounters" Tokens by Devin Knight

Would anyone be interested in going in on getting another set of custom “Desert Encounters” tokens by Devin Knight?

It’ll be $20, but if more than a dozen people contribute then the price will go down for each of us. If 25 people contribute we can afford to get two sets (50 tokens) made.
In addition, Devin Said he’d give his full Argosy map to all contributors (see below)

Timeline 7-9 weeks from now, 7 if we do 25, 9 if we do 50. So roughly, July 9th to 23rd.

If you’re interested, here’s the link to pledge:

Below is his current offering.

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Here’s the full argosy map, you’d get the full insides battle maps with and without furnishings. And a top view.

Woah! Really nice! I will have a look at the link :slight_smile: Restarting my DS campaign this fall.

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I am willing to contribute. I will buy a set of the current desert tokens as well. However, I am slightly upset that the thri-kreen are missing their abdomen.

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If you’re interested, here’s the link to pledge:

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Any news on these pictures Robert?

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Hey folks, update on this project. Devin now has time to work on this and is starting work. There are currently 27 people signed up, which means we can get two sets (50 tokens). How this is going to work is that Devin is going to put a private product up on his site and you can purchase from there, for every $10 over $500 he’ll make an additional token. I’ll post here and email everyone that signed up when he creates the product. BTW, here’s the list. I’ve given Devin 1-3 pieces of art for references depending on the monster, using Broms pieces as primary sources when there are multiple pieces.
Set 1

  1. Gith (Brom) Humanoid
  2. Belgoi, Brom Humanoid
  3. Braxat, Brom Humanoid
  4. Anakore, Brom Humanoid
  5. Gaj, Brom Monster
  6. Tembo, Brom Monster
  7. Kludz, Baxa, Monster
  8. Kank, Brom Monster
  9. B’rogh, Baxa Humanoid/Monster/Giant
  10. Tarek, brom, humanoid
  11. Crodlu, Brom Monster
  12. Jhakar, monster
  13. Kreen with large abdomen
  14. Scrab, Baxa, Monstrous
  15. Kirre, monster
  16. Borys/Dragon of Tyr (Dragon Kings cover/sans wings), Brom
  17. Cilops, monster
  18. Dune Reaper, monster
  19. Male Templar (Baxa’s illustration, DS Rules Book) + color variations, Humanoid
  20. Female Templar (as above), Humanoid
  21. Male Defiler (Brom illustrations, DS Rules Book), Humanoid
  22. Female Defiler, Humanoid
  23. Mekillot (Brom Illustration), Monster
  24. Inix, Baxa Monster
  25. Giant - Desert/Plains (palette swap?), Brom Monster/Humanoid

Set 2
26) Tari, humanoid
27) Baazrag, humanoid
28) Baazrag, monster
29) Nikaal , humanoid
30) Id Fiend, Baxa, Monster
31)Jozhal, monster
32) Pterran, Baxa, Humanoid
33) Silk Wyrm, monster
34) Cistern Fiend, monster
35) Flailer, monster
36) FLoater, monster
37) Obsidian Golem
38) Chitin Golem
39) Hej-Kin , humanoid
40) Silt Runner, humanoid
41) Sloth, monster
42) Sink Worm, monster
43) So-ut (Rampager), monster
44) Dray, , humanoid
45) Crystal Spider, Baxa Monster
46) Banshee, Dwarf, Baxa, Humanoid /Monster
47) Klar, monster
48) Lirr, monster
49) Sand Howler, monster
50) Ssurran, , humanoid

Alright folks! The time has arrived. Devin is starting work on the tokens. I’ve given him a list of 50 tokens and assuming everyone commits then we’ll have more than enough people and even more tokens. Devin and I decided to put a product on his website that way we didn’t have to worry about paying double paypal fees for transfers or anything. It all goes straight to Devin.

Here are the details from the product he made:

This pack will be at least 25 tokens, I will add an additional token for every 10$ above $250 from pre-sales.

This pack is a work in progress and will be my main focus until it is done.

Anyone who buys this before it is released will also get the Argosy maps and associated Images.

Please make an account at checkout if you don’t already have one. When the tokens are added to this file you can log in and download them immediately.

Thank you for your support.

Just did it. Any updates?

Devin Night finished his work for us creating “Desert Encounters II” If you purchased ahead of time you also got the argosy maps and made this project a reality, so thank you! If you had to wait, you can get them for $8 on sale now.

With a couple of alts Devin created 59 tokens for your game.…/tp150-desert-encounters-ii/

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Got them! They look great!
I especially like the thri-kreen with an abdomen.

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