D&D 5E adventures adaptation to DS

Hi I have been a long time fan of DS since my college days, and now several decades later will like to slowly introduce my players to my beloved setting.

I thought about using a previous edition DS adventure and converted to 5E, but lately decided to go the other way around and maybe adapt a short adventure to the Dark Sun Setting, maybe re-skinning the monsters, tweaking the rules here and there, etc…

Right now I am thinking about using the Lost Mines of Phandelver as my guinea pig for this. Have someone done this before? Any tips or suggestions are more than welcome.

Thanks mates!

Princes of the Apocalypse can be blended into Athas with little difficulty, I just swapped the cults of elemental evil for the paraelemental clerics.

Thanks I’ll take a look to that. :sunglasses:

I’m fairly certain Princes of the Apocalypse has a Dark Sun conversion in the Appendix of that adventure. Nothing major, but it gives you ideas anyways.

Yeah, it suggests VA for Harpers, a Templarate for the Lords Alliance and setting it in the Great Alluvial Sand Wastes near Kled. Useful stuff but as Superchunk77 said, nothing groundbreaking.

I’m going to drop “Lost shrine of Tamochan” into my campaign

I’ve done this quite a bit for DS. Most adventures are generic enough to re-skin into a DS game. I think the most difficult part is changing the monsters to fit and taking the player’s wild talents into consideration.

If you want a 5e adventure but don’t care for what WotC has check out DMsGuild, Goodman Games, and Kobold Press, they have a bunch of adventures (especially low level ones).
DMsGuild has a huge array of Pay What You Want (which can be 0) stuff, a lot of them are very good!
Also check out Classic Modules Today on DMs Guild if you want 1e/2e modules updated to 5e (mind you you’ll need the originals).
Then all you have to do is adapt the adventure that you choose to DS, which is a very easy process (most of the time).

Edit: Most (over 100) of my 5e adventures are from third party sources.

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