Dark Days of Tyr Session report: Gith Warrens

Had a great Dark Sun 5e Patreon session last night. The characters destroyed a hive of gith that had taken up residence in the Tyrian warrens after the slaves had been freed. There were about 30 gith and they took most of them out, although at one point 2 characters were at 1hp each. There were a few fantastic crits, some great stealthing which led to a great crit on a gith defiler (who didn’t get to cast a single spell), and a halfgiant using his shield to widen doorways.

One of the fun aspects was that there were 3 levels, plus roof fighting of a block area of warrens, which the gith used to their advantage with their jumping abilities. It made the combat take a lot of coordination and 4 maps! As usual I used Gabriel Pickard’s great desert maps which I dirtied up a bit and added some broken sandstone tiles to give it a more warrens feel. The maps below are 2 of the 4 maps we used, the second floor and the roofs We play using Fantasy Grounds, so I was able to hide alleyways and entrances if the characters didn’t see them. I feel like it worked well and made the fight very chaotic. There wasn’t more than a few times that the characters were fighting close to each other

Here are the town maps:


And the broken sandstone tiles:


Join us!


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Sounds awesome. I like the idea of combat terrain that takes advantage of the gith’s jumping ability.

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Sure it sounds fun but when you are the ones on the receiving end …well it was plenty fun for us too.

This is a good summary @raddu. We had a lot of fun in that session and you used the terrain really well.