Dark Sun 2e Distance Calculator

A long time ago we did a distance calculator, it was a mess of tables. Then Gab converted it to a quick little webapp. Now, we've brought it back. Please note that these are only distances for 2e Dark Sun, not the much larger 4th edition map. Dark Sun 2e Distance Calculator

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This is awesome. Thank you.

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This works so much better than me having to measure the map with my ruler. Thank you

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Nifty little calculator, very helpful!

Thanks for sharing!
And thank you to the people who poured so much time into making it! We appreciate it!

Hi! Do you think it would be possible to have a new version with 4e distances and/or more places? If it helps, I would provide a table with the different distances.

At the moment I have a spreadsheet with the distances between different places, but it doesn’t calculate the distance between places that have intermediate points (ex. Tyr to Fort Skonz, ok; Tyr to Altaruk ko)