Dark Sun 4E adventure on DriveThruRPG

Has anyone on here see the adventure The Dark Festival on DriveThruRPG for sale? It is set in Dark Sun. Anyone have it and want to give a review of it?

Here is the description:

"You arrived in this dusty city simply to attend a festival. You had no idea you’d be pulled into a conspiracy to assassinate the Chief Praetor himself, sent on a crazy quest into the maw of the desert, and thrust into the center of the Praetor’s dangerous politics. This is the life of an adventurer under the Dark SunTM.

The Dark Festival is a 7- to 10-encounter D&DTM 4th Edition Heroic Tier Dark SunTM adventure that’s been designed so it can be scaled for 1st through 10th level adventurers. It’s designed to be easy to run and easy to drop in to an existing campaign.

Each monster is presented in three variations, one for 1st level adventurers, one for 5th level, and one for 10th level. As a result, it’s easy to tweak the monsters for any party from 1st to 10th level.

In addition, each piece of dialogue is presented in two columns: a carefully-written piece of dialogue that you can read as “boxed text,” and a detailed summary that you can customize according to your preferred speech patterns.

The full-color artwork and maps have been carefully color-corrected to print perfectly on color and black-and-white printers. The module includes maps that will print in standard one-inch squares on a normal piece of paper."

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I bought the adventure. There is some good and some bad.

Good = The adventure is designed so that it can be run if the party is on either side of the conflict between the Veiled Alliance and the templars of Balic. And has some interesting encounters.

Bad = could use some editing to make a more uniform presentation.
The battle maps are not good. There is nothing really on the maps just the area outline.

It would be an interesting adventure to run. While I would not mind running a 4E dark sun game, I do not think I will be doing so anytime soon. It is setup to be a very flexible 4E adventure, but I think it would require a lot of work to convert to other editions.

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Do you think it could easily squeeze into a campaign that happen in the north of Draj (meaning in the NORTH passed Azeth’s Rest)?

And what do you mean require a lot of work to convert? There is a lot of numbers crunching in the pdf? (lots of NPCs to convert?)

It could easily be moved from Balic to a different city-state. But I do not think it would work in Eldaarich or Kurn as neither has a Veiled Alliance.

As for converting, all of the encounters are in 4E. That includes the combat encounters but also the skill challenges. I fine that social skill challenges are difficult to cover into other editions.