Dark Sun as used in other non-D&D Game Systems

Hello all.

I’m sure everyone here has been following the OGL drama of Wizards of the Coast over the past couple of weeks.

Related to that has been a trend of discussing alternative rules systems besides D&D.

With that in mind: Has anyone successfully ported Dark Sun’s setting to another set of rules? And if so, how has that worked out in practice with your campaigns and players?

I am, of course, aware we have a solid Pathfinder cabal in our community. I’d like to ask about systems besides that one, because that answer is kind of too easy.


PF1 is the east answer. However, PF2 is a more difficult answer and some people have had some success converting it.


I’ve heard of folks using Savage Worlds for long campaigns(as opposed to one offs/false starts that wentnowhere). :man_shrugging:


I have been setting up Savage Worlds. I have also been very impressed with Forbidden Lands as a solid rules system to run Dark Sun.


Are these it?



Yes, they are the systems.

Both systems have a variety of Dark Sun adaptions.

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Kobolds Ate my Baby!

It’s the ultimate gaming system ever devised by man! I am shocked you would even consider any other system. In fact, I am scandalized you weren’t using it already! Shocked I say!


Seriously though, I’ve never had the opportunity to adapt or change to a different rules set for Dark Sun. If I were to try I might recommend…

BESM, Big Eyes Small Mouth, aka Tri Stat system. This is my generic system of choice. When it comes to flexibility, it’s unrivaled.

Dungeon Crawl Classics. Probably not a good fit. Still it would be tempting to try.

Ubiquity should not be overlooked. The game system already has a post apocalypse setting, Desolation and yes it is fantasy. It’s got some of the right magic systems (like elemental), but it would still take some work to properly adapt.


I’m particularly interesting in a Worlds Without Number run of Dark Sun, especially since there is the psionic classes from Stars Without Number easily brought over. Just gotta do some of the origin focuses and possibly a reasonable defiling adaptation. The rest is kind of gravy.


I know there’s an ose version. That one seems to make a lot of sense

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I heard good things about the Cypher system yesterday, IDK about porting DS over to it though.