Dark Sun cloth map

Yes - I used to be one of the lucky people that had Dark Sun cloth map. It used to be hanging in my bedroom as a teenager. As for what happened to it, I don’t rightly remember.

Has anyone used a third party service to print out the Dark Sun cloth map on cloth? How did it go?

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Good question. I am not sure how someone would even do that.


there are places that print on various types of fabrics, if you had a good enough file set up properly you can print whatever you like. A site like this will do fabric without it being a shirt or some other finished product like that contrado

It might even be economical if you could get enough people to sign up to get one.

It would be cool to have cloth maps again. I used to have one… If I still have it I’m not sure where it is.


It is definitely a different type of cloth (a lot heavier) but Geekifyinc.com makes custom cloth maps. I ordered an Al-Qadim one and am quite happy with it.


I remember the cloth-maps and aye, I don’t know what I did with mine.

I think it came with 3e box-set.

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I think that map looks great and the printing resolution looks pretty good. How much was it?

The 2E cloth map came in the Revised Box Set. I’ve heard there was a limited 4E cloth map that was distributed at conventions. I’d love to get my hands on one of those. The more I think about it, the more I think I like the 4E map scale (and it’s a pretty map too) but I’ve always felt reluctant to use it when I had the great prop of the 2E cloth map… of course if I can print my own maps maybe I’ll just go full Alt-Athas

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It was around $65. But it is really thick and detailed.

Still a lot cheaper than a revised boxed set nowadays.