Dark Sun Cultures

What unique cultures are there in Dark Sun? I’m looking for major cultures, not just places/cities/towns. I’ve got:
Kalidnayan (Brown Age)
Yarish (Brown Age)
Celekite (Brown Age)
Giustenese (Brown Age)
Major Trading Houses
Major Elf Tribes
Major Slave Tribes
Forest Ridge Halflings
–Trembling Plains:–
Bandit States
House Azeth
Kreen Empire
Last Sea Lizardfolk

Does this include non-canon cultures? I could add a few homebrew ones

How about the Green Age cultures mentioned in FotFN:

  • the Tanysh Empire
  • Carsys
  • Remaan
  • the Goblins (with further mention of expanded influence in SotDL; ie. as in having a kingdom or empire)

and speaking of SotDL, perhaps:

  • the cities of Ulyan

** not sure on any of the other Green Age “Cleansed” races??? - but consider: Kobolds, Ogres,Trolls, Orcs, Gnomes, Wemics, Pixies, and Taris

and Blue Age cultures:

  • Rhulisti (Nature-Benders and Nature-Masters)
  • the Kreen
  • Nikaal??

I’d also add those cultures associated with followers of the elements
-Earth, Air, Fire, and Water

as well as the (present) racial cultures:

  • Kreen (outside of the Empire)
  • Dwarven (with subcultures present in the Last Sea and on the Road of Fire - the Moratuc)
  • Giant
  • Gith
  • Nikaal??
  • Ssurran

What is your goal in collecting cultures?

Conversation? :slight_smile:

I’m not sure that I’d throw the elemental religions into a “culture” bucket, as there’s nothing particularly unifying about them – they exist within their home culture, and probably all have their own variants on worship. An Elf and an Aarakocra are going about their Air worship very differently, I’d say

I was asking because I collect write ups on cultures, more comprehensive is generally better. I’m always looking for more source material.

Good point.

I think I had in mind the cultural bits shown in the few city-state books (specifically pertaining to the elemental cults) and the examples given in Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. I do agree with you, however, that they would pertain more to a sub-category of culture within the greater whole (as pertaining to race or city-state cultural background).