Dark Sun D&D - on Twitch!

Hey gang! I’m glad to see Athas.org still going after so so many years. I’ve been a longtime fan of Dark Sun - since the 2nd Edition revised box, which I first picked up as a kid - and I’ve always leaned on Athas.org in the long stretches of time when “official” material has been waiting in the wings. :wink: Thanks for working so hard to preserve the fandom. One thing that’s true of all of Dark Sun fans I’ve come across - they’re diehard in their devotion!

I’ve been running a Dark Sun game for about the past year or so, using the 5th Edition rules, starting with the debut of the Player’s Handbook and evolving as well as we’ve been able as the newer rules come out. I’ve adapted a lot of the material from past Dark Sun sources (2E and 4E alike) as well as pulling a lot of inspiration from some of the Pathfinder adventure paths, but the antics of the players - some of whom take the setting more seriously than others :wink: - have turned our story into something new altogether.

We actually stream the game online, on Twitch, where we’ve gathered a small following. We play Tuesday nights at 7:30 PM Central, at my channel, www.twitch.tv/foxhound__ We unfortunately didn’t start streaming at the very beginning of the campaign itself, but we have stuff going back as far as last January archived on YouTube, too.

You can also dig into the mostly-up-to-date plot synopsis here: http://wearefoxhound.com/dnd/story/ The very shortest version is that the party, after banding together to defend Altarauk from defiler attack, wound up traveling to Tyr and getting involved in a struggle against an elemental cult that seeks to awaken an ancient evil (Ul Athra, from the 4E material), which has taken them on a journey far beyond the Forest Ridge to meet with the ancient Order, to the ruins of Yaramuke, and now (as of last session) to the chaotic streets of Raam, where their latest party member, a naive dray, has already run afoul of the local template.

I love Dark Sun and it’s one of my greatest joys to be able to still muck around in this great universe. Thanks to everyone at Athas.org that helps keep this niche alive! I hope you can tune in and share in some of the fun. :slight_smile:

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Hi i just found your stuff online, are your adventures pre-made or own stories?

Hello hello!

All of my adventures are created-by-me but nearly all of them use elements from some pre-existing adventures. Some are Dark Sun stuff - I lifted the trek into the Ringing Mountains from the 2nd Revised boxset to introduce some stuff that took the party beyond the Forest Ridge - but lots more take cues from other published adventures, like the 5th Edition books, or Pathfinder modules.

I’m hoping to contribute to the wide-world of self-published Dark Sun material this year, though - and if I do, I’ll certainly be submitting it to Athas.org!

Hey! What you are saying sounds interesting. However, I do not know what twitch is. Care to enlighten me?

Hey there! Twitch is a free online video streaming service specifically for games: anyone and everyone can sign up and stream themselves playing games online. Many people stream video games, but lots more - like me - stream D&D, tabletop games, and even creative work like drawing, painting, or even campaign prep!

As a disclaimer: My own channel has been on hiatus for a month and a half or so, but we’re getting ready to make a return pretty soon! You can, however, check out our video archives on YouTube - over a year’s worth of Dark Sun episodes!

Thank you. I’ll check it out after midterms.


The link’s broken. I don’t suppose you’ve got this stuff stored someplace else? I’d love to read about all your adventures…