Athascon would like to announce the debut of Dark Sun Excursions, a monthly game day event that includes two short (approximately 2hrs. long) adventures. Dark Sun Excursions will explore a host of locales, creatures and themes found in the wastelands of Athas.

Adventure PDF’s are released to GM’s who sign up each month (typically mid-month) to be played on the Dark Sun Game Day, the adventure PDF’s are released at a later date to be playable for others.

Gamemasters who sign-up to run excursions for the Dark Sun Game Day are provided an early PDF copy of the adventure for GM prep. Excursion adventures are edition-neutral and can be used with any edition or game system. At least one appendix containing game stats (NPC’s, monsters, traps, DC’s, magic items, etc) for the most current edition of DnD (Currently 5E) will be included. Pre-generated characters for 5E will be included in Appendix 1.

Gamemasters and others are encouraged to create additional appendices for different editions or game systems.

Dark Sun Excursions monthly release details to include adventure descriptions are located in the #dark-sun-excursions channel at the Athascon Discord - ATHASCON - A DARK SUN CELEBRATION