Dark Sun for NWN

Dark Sun for NWN

Hi everyone

Well as if one Dark Sun project wan’t enough we now have two NWN Dark Sun and Dark Sun Sands of Time. So I will be covering both projects since they are sharing resources and working together to bring Dark Sun to NWN.

If you want to find out more about these project you can check out our websites at



We are always looking for more people who would like to help with creating Dark Sun for NWN. Their are all kinds of areas that we could use help in, some are as simple as editing text documents. You also don’t have have to work on it everyday or week we have some people that can only give a few hours a month. So its really easy for just about anyone to help if you really want. So if your interested in helping to create Dark Sun for NWN and feel you might enjoy working along side all us to do so then come join the team and together we will find a way in which you can help.

That said we also know not everyone is able to help, but you can still show your support for the project by following us on Twitter and Facebook

Twitter: https://twitter.com/DarkSunforNWN


This looks very promising. Dark Sun is a great setting for campaigns.

How easy has the remaster of NWN1 made modding? Are you able to seemlessly create and implement classes? Feats? Etc?

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It really has opened up a lot more of the game allowing more to be done with all that then ever before.

  • We have created all the Dark Sun races

  • They are can be selected at character creation

  • All the new races and wear armor

  • We are using the Sorcerer for the Defiler but we were able to change the needed CHA to INT thanks to the New NWN EE/ BeamDog opening up more of the code.

  • That said you can have two different wizard classes if you want but then there wouldn’t be much of a difference between the two. We felt that sorcerers can cast what they want when they want giving Defilers freedom. While Wizards (aka Preservers) get more spell due to taking their time and studding magic more but can only cast what they have mesmerised for the day due to them taking more time and control with less freedom.

  • We have a Psionic class that needs tweaking

  • We have disabled all the extra classes/races

Long story short there is a lot that can be done now that couldnt be done just a few years ago.

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Oh we are always looking for people would enjoy helping in one way or another :wink:

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Dark Sun for NWN
We now have a new website up and running.


Which you all can find information about the project and you can also follow us on our Twitter page were we post more highlights about the project then any where else.


Thanks for your time.

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Just another update/look at a few of our Races that players will able to play, along with some custom armor/clothing/weapons/equipment.

We post a lot more often on our Twitter page some come follow us there and keep up to date on what we are doing.

If you would like to find out more information about our project and or join the team check out our website.

If you would like to show your support for our project and or keep up with what all we are doing you can follow us on our twitter page.

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Our website has been revamped and we are always looking for people who would like to join our team and help with this project. If your interested check out our Positions and Join the Team pages.

You can also help show your support and keep up on what we are doing by following us on our twitter page.

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Dark Sun for NWN

We are looking for people who will use PDF Dark Sun books and notepad to help edit text files changing NWN (Forgotten Realms) to Dark Sun. So come join the team and help with this project.

If you can read the Dark Sun books and plug that information into text files using notepad then you can help in this area where we could use the help.

Everyone on the team are working in other areas, 3D models, Scripting, Artwork, Writing, and so on. So we need a few people willing to help in this area.

Here is a link that could give you a bit more insight on what 2da’s are for NWN.

If it seems like its a lot it really isn’t it really is just changing current text documents to whats in the Dark Sun books vs what is in the documents not. Because the current docs are for Forgotten Realms.

Thanks for your time.


I will keep an eye on this. I’m especially interested in the implementation of psionics.

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Hi there

Yes there is a lot that can be done with

  • 2da’s (text files) using notepad to make changes to them (no coding needed)

  • Scripting/ coding (allows for you to code the game to do what you want it to)

There are still some limits but not a lot like there used to be. Since Beamdog has bought and took over NWN they have done a lot with it.

They are supporting server lists again, fixing bugs, creating updates, and unlocking more of the code so that the NWN community can do more with the game then ever before.

We have a nice team of fans who are creating all this for fans. However we are doing all of it in our free time after work, school, and or family time.

While we put a ton of time into this project it isn’t a job so we can’t sit around putting 8+ each and everyday as if it was a job.

This is why the more people we have working on it the less any one person has to do and the quick it will all get done.

If you think you would like to help in some kind of way come join us on our Discord where we all hang out, chat, share ideas, files, and help each other, while working on the project together.

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Since what I recall of NWN is 3.0 at least, will you be implementing the full set of 3.5 psionic classes, prestige, items, abilities, and powers (tweaked as appropriate for Athas)? That is what would really catch my interest personally.

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No most of us are old school Dark Sun fans. We like the world the way the original creators (Timothy Brown and Troy Denning) designed it to be. So we are going back to the very first original boxset from AD&D 2nd Edition. There for we are changing up NWN 3.0 to work a little more like 2nd Edition did. There for all the races, classes, and just about everything is changing. Current NWN players will not know what classes to pick or try and combo together because of all the changes. It will be a totally new experience for NWN players.

I was wondering, due to the term psionicist from 2e.

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The Nice thing about NWN EE is that it’s fully supported once again.

The code for …

  • Classes has had a lot more unlocked for modding
  • Spells has gotten better as well
  • Feats hasn’t really ever been a problem

Since BeamDog has taken over they are

  • Supporting server lists once again.
  • Fixing Bugs
  • Creating updates
  • Unlocking/Opening more of the code

There for, yes the game has gotten better and more easy for custom content creators to make changes and add new content to the game.

These kinds of things are what is allowing us to do things that couldnt be done before.
But we will Psionic’s, we have a current version of the class that is a place holder for now.
This means we will . .

  • A - Tweak and changed it up until we are happy with it
  • B - someone offers to create the class to fit what we want and or need.

Dark Sun for NWN

We have started putting the City State of Try together using the models that we have been creating. So from this point on the city will slowly continue to grow.

We have a really great team of

  • Scripter’s
  • 3D model creators.
  • But we are always looking for more. After all the more help we have the less work any one person has to do and the faster things get done.

That said the two areas that we could still need help with is

  • Writing (Stories/Adventures with interesting NPC’s)
  • Race, Class, Skill, creation , (We need people to edit the current NWN text files (no scripting/coding needed) to set them up for Athas (Dark Sun) races, classes, skills and so on.)

If you feel like you would enjoy helping create this project then you should come join the team and find a way that you could help. The key isn’t what you know its far more about being interested in what your doing, putting in the time, and being willing to learn.

There are two different Dark Sun servers in the works for NWN. That’s right two servers/teams who are working together to create Dark Sun for NWN. By having to different server we hope that most people will find one that they enjoy playing.

You and your friends are to keep up with what is happening with the projects as well as show your support by following us on our websites and joint Twitter page.

Landing page to both websites: http://darksunfornwn.com/
Joint Twitter page: https://twitter.com/DarkSunforNWN

Just an FYI, but the link for NWN Dark Sun doesn’t quite seem to be up yet. Is there an ETA for their site?

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There are two different servers in the works. So team A (NWN Dark Sun) and team B (SoT - Sands of Time) both teams are working together to create Dark Sun for NWN. That said I run and manage SoT, while Dizzitt runs and manages NWN Dark Sun.

I took the time to learn wordpress and to setup up a website because I really wanted one for SoT. I can’t say when they plan to have a website for NWN Dark Sun. I don’t think they want to put time into it right now until they have a server ready.

We just share each others work so that we dont have to create the same thing the other team already has and so no one team has to do all the work.

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