Dark Sun in Fantasy Grounds


I’d like to move my Dark Sun (Pathfinder rules) campaign to Fantasy Grounds. So far, I haven’t found any useful custom content for Dark Sun on the FG marketplace and I’m thinking of doing some kind of extension on my own.
Would anyone in this Arena have any experience in such an endeavour, know of already existing work to base this on or maybe just some pointers where to start? I’d also be open to any sort of collaboration.

I’ve considered doing something like that myself. I’m currently running a Dark Sun campaign in Fantasy Grouds using PFRPG. I’m also using homebrew hunger/thirst rules, wounding rules, and stamina/vitality rules to make the world more brutal. I have often considered making some custom content for the setting and for my homebrew rules.

I have extensive experience programming, but have not been eager to dive into the XML of fantasy grounds. If you come across anything helpful, I’d be interested.

I sure will.
Been playing that campaign for half a year now in monthly sessions and I only use FG as an assistant. It helps me with some of the rules that I keep forgetting, and I’ve edited some of the classes, races and monsters to fit the setting.

Also, I’m not sure what psionic rules you are using, but I created a module that has all the psionic powers from the Dreamscarred Press books, with convenient searchable lists.


Thanks - I’ll be sure to check that out. Been adapting the 3E extended psionics handbook, but not having a dedicated psion in my group, I might switch to something more convenient.