Dark Sun Lawful Stupid actual play starting Feb 28th

Join Lawful Stupid for their Dark Sun actual play starting Feb28th with longtime Dark Sun community member Mark Hope as the DM!
Starting Feb 28th @ 12 noon est
Twitter: @Lawfulstupidrpg
Original Rules, Original Adventure Path, Original Dark Sun!

Screenshot 2021-02-22 141444


Thanks for sharing this, Raddu! Looking forward to running some DS again :slight_smile:

Can’t wait to see if anyone falls for the Bloody Timiris…

Mark is legit. I miss his elf in my game. Too bad the time difference didn’t work out.

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Thanks mate - your game was immense fun to play in and I really miss Druuso’s shady shenanigans (well, mostly lazing around drunk while everyone else did all the hard work). We’re juggling time zones from LA to Abu Dhabi for this game - hope it works out!

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