Dark Sun returning for 5E?

According to this article, it is.

To be honest, I’ve got to the point where I no longer care about a 5E Dark Sun. 4E had some nice art and some decent thought put into the cartography (e.g. a new mountain range between Dragons Bowl and the sea, to stop the bowl filling with silt) but gamewise it wasn’t anything special.

Given WotC’s recent pullback on psionics, and their new ‘touchy-feely’ approach to races (more correctly species) I’m really beyond caring what they do. If a DS 5E is released, I’ll browse the pages, take the art and maps that work and ignore everything else.

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I’d like to see something come out 5e, but doubt it will come close to what I would have wanted.

I’m intrigued by the psionic talent die mechanic, and hopeful they make an actual psion/psionicist class around it and not just subclasses.

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There is nothing that indicates they are going to produce any Dark Sun product. Also with today sensibility and people inability to understand that Dark Sun fiction is not apology to slavery o racist but just narrative elements, I don’t think WotC will risk their hard earned resurgence. They are not going to risk to a backlash.
If they bring back Dark Sun I’m afraid that the final product is going to be far away from the original feel of the setting.


100%. I think there were some good aspects of 4E’s version, particularly the support that it received in the digital version of Dragon Magazine. Actually, I recently did a project by myself to PDF out all the articles for 4E Dark Sun so I would have it all in one place and easy to reference.

As for 5E, it is clear that WotC has decided to take the same direction as the comic book industry. Expect garbage like this.

Good point. Even in 4E the slavery topic seemed fraught. Now? Forget about it.

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I have all the articles from 4e magazines but it is a mess. Do you have them organized?

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Names of articles and PDF.

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