Dark Sun Tattoo Help

Hello all. I’ve been wanting to get a tattoo of the dark sun with the moons for some time now but i’m having trouble with the design. The Dark Sun logo is the art style I want but it is only a partial image with maybe a fifth of the sun and Ral. I’m currently reading through the Elves of Athas for more information on Guthay and Ral in relation to each other.

I am looking for any other images from Dark Sun starting with the books I have but I don’t think I have everything to look through. I would prefer TSR based material but I have started looking through the athas.org pdfs with decent success. Where should I be looking for more images or information on the rest of the tattoo? Any help is greatly appreciated.

Try the athas.org calendar tool. It’s not artistic, but it does show the moons and the sun in relation to each other at every day of the year, every year.

I believe that @raddu has the tattoo you’re looking for. :slight_smile:

Here’s the sun and one moon. The image was extrapolated from the logo. I feel horrible tha I can’t for the life of me remember who made this:

Then, here is the tattoo my brother did for me based on that image on my calf:

In the Dark Sun Net Logo I made I put both moons in near each other, but it was more for aesthetic reasons than anything official.

This was exactly what I needed, thank you. Once mine is done i’ll post pictures too.

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This is what the artist has so far, I really like it.