Dark Sun using the Earthdawn rules

Nearly a decade ago I put a lot of effort into converting this wonderful setting to the Rolemaster ruleset and I felt the results were quite good.

Now I want to transfer the hardship of Dark Sun into the Earthdawn ruleset and I was wondering if others have done so before or at least D&D 2e to Earthdawn.

As I’m simply planning for now to throw my players to Athas for a few sessions at first my main concern would be creature statistic conversion.

Any help would be appreciated.

That sounds awesome, I always like the Earthdawn rules even though they were quite arcane. Have you seen the Age of Legend rules? I haven’t looked into them at all. http://www.vagrantworkshop.com/index.php?categoryid=27

Sadly I haven’t. I had been thinking to but never got that far, possibly because I have not touched any D&D related system since AD&D2e. But I’m open to new things so that might be the right choice after all