Dark Sun video game!

So I was thinking…If we could have another Dark Sun video game, that was NOT an RPG. What would you want to see?

    1. An RTS would be brutal and awesome!
    1. 4 x strategy. Let’s crank the scale up!
    1. Mekillot simulator
    1. FPS. Let’s bring the carnage up close and personal!
    1. Point and click adventure game. Inventory puzzles…
    1. Management sim (Evil Genius, Dungeon Keeper, etc)
    1. Dating sim

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Heroes of might & magic kind of game, where each city state has its own unique heroes and troops, and you go about on a map flagging mines and fighting creatures and other city states.
The amount of Magic points and the power of the spells of your mage heroes would be affected not only by their knowledge stat but also by the environment, standing in a forested area, for example, would double their spell points and their spells characteristics (duration, damage etc.), while standing in a barren area would do the opposite, and standing in blacksand would prevent you from using spells completely.

Also, a doom style brutal game would be awesome.


For Dark Sun, probably an RTS. The Dark Sun setting has lots of interesting units.

IMO - good option can be game, where player manages a trading house.

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First person view, waving an obsidian axe. Pixelated blood everywhere. Grimacing mul for your facial icon…

I immediately thought “Euro” when you proposed that!

Dang it! I can’t stop scribbling out ideas now!


Seriously? No one else wants a Mekillot Simulator?


lumbers slowly forward uses tongue to snatch someone who gets too close to mouth

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How about a Mekillot Dating Sim?

It’d be like Goat Simulator meets Final Fantasy VI.

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I was thinking something called “Talking Nok” that you interact with, have him repeat what you speak to him. You can also feed him different foods like human, elf, dwarf.


But can it metamorph into advance being if you feed it enough?:smirk:

It would be epic.

Wait? What? tries to imagine it brain explodes

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