Darksun 3.5e Revision 8 = When?

Yes, sir, I shall send that to you.


I hope you don’t expect him to reformat it. That’s not going to happen.

If there is reformatting needed, I will gladly take it on as an additional request, since I updated the document.

…and email sent to @raddu .

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If Ninjineko is capable of reformatting, then I am requesting that the go-ahead be given for his small edit of DS 3.5 Core Rules. Ninjineko, with permission, can publish it right here on the forum. If it doesn’t meet the requirements of athas dot org, it need not make the main page. If it does meet the requirements, then put it up.

It is being looked at and edited further. @flip what’s your ETA on the last pass?

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You should add in the water rules.


I mentioned it to Flip.