Darksun 3.5e Revision 8 = When?

The title says it all.



2035? Maybe? Who knows.

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Publication just got pushed back to 2045 because the file that contained the information was on the hard drive of one of the High Templars and that hard drive just died.

I can assure everyone that I kept my copy, and have a backup copy of that, just in case. So unless my area get’s hit by a high level destructive event, plus above Templar event, should be good. However, it would be nice to hear if there has been some progress on the review and eventual posting of the document I submitted.



Unless I’m wrong, this is not an overhaul of anything, but a fresh clean up of many little things.
This r7 file have been reviewed to r8, there shouldn’t be much to worry about? How about releasing it?


No! You must wait 1 King’s Age before release!


Is that until the end of this KA, 77 years or a full Kings Age after the current age ends? :wink:

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@Band2 Any news about the Core r8 release?


Yeah! Another thread bump! We are in April. Any news on the r8 release?



Beats me, but I would love to find out!

@Band2 @flip @raddu. =D


@Band2 @flip @raddu

Hey there! A reminder from your silly frog about the r8 document (2 months from my last call) :slight_smile:

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WHO EVER HAS IT JUST RELEASE IT or Send it to me and I will release it.

This site has been pretty ineffective and steadily declined over the years even before the 4e DS release. At this point its just a fan-site. But we keep coming to it because of its historical weight, familiarity by others, and a commonality of the fanbase. Nothing is being released, its not out fear or concern as WOTC doesn’t even recognize this site as anything official. Just lots of gatekeepoing going on without products/incomplete products/etc.

Sad, just sad.


It’s worth pointing out that most of these products that were released, including the Prestige Class Appendix 1 and 2 and Legends of Athas were supposed to receive updates. There are people willing to work towards it but it seems to be impossible to get people into a position where they are allowed to work on it

@Xelu That would be me.

I am bound by the terms of the Charter, until such time as it is officially declared discontinued by WotC. As such it cannot be legally released anywhere but here, and I’m not willing to gamble on WotC lawyers remaining hands off. Thus the Council needs to release it for it to become available here.

I am unwilling to work on my additional projects of interest associated with this site (Psionics of Athas, revisions to prestige and base classes, revisions to psionics, variant epic rules, changes to culture, lifestyle, and ecosystems consistent with psionics, and other revisions to the rule set) until such time as I get access to Athas file storage and html files so that I can update things myself, or one of the Council becomes active enough to be responsive.

4th and 5th edition both are lacking in my view (though 5e does have a lot of good stuff), so I will not consider conversion to either edition at this time.

Having said that, please note that the v8 is nothing more than a spell check and grammar check, as per @flip . I was asked not to make changes to the rules. Even suggested changes.

At this point I have moved beyond waiting patiently, and started designing my own rpg systems which will allow me to release my material under my control and terms. As an individual, however, that will likely be a slow process.

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Thank you for being clear.

It’s no longer a shame, but a lack of respect to the fans that this site cannot go beyond their own vision and seek, no, allow those who wishes to keep the flame active.

I’m sad.


How hard is it to anoint the regulars here as Templars to continue the work?

Me too!

Do the terms of the charter specify how other templars/officers are anointed?

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I don’t believe so. The owner of the site could simply make people Templars.

This is what we know about the Charter. (It is pretty vague and only details terms between WotC and Athas - along with the additional Other Worlds sites.)

@raddu you mentioned in the Charter thread linked here in my post that you would get stuff posted. Does that perchance extend to getting the pdf of r8 posted by any stretch of the imagination?

@Rovewin @redking The selection of Templars and/or Council members is up to the Council, if my understanding is correct. Which would likely be an @flip and @raddu thing, as they are the only non-retired Overcouncil members left.
Here is a list of Athas staff levels and responsibilities for those who might be interested. Please be kind and respectful when contacting these folks.

Based on various conversations I have had with various Athas staff members over the past couple of years, there is not much interest on the part of some individuals (who I choose to remain nameless at this point) in anything 3.x related. Nor is there much interest in following the Charter anymore, and there are a number that feel the Charter is effectively defunct. (However, in my opinion, it’s not technically over until the lawyers on WotC/Hasbro payroll sing… so…)

Despite that, those same individuals are quick to refuse to release any 2e related material, citing binding agreements related to the formation of Athas.org… which is apparently not strictly part of the Charter, but were more verbal or informal based on what I can gather? Well, I cannot blame them for wanting to keep their promises, so I have nothing negative to say about that.

However, even if those individuals are not interested in producing more 3.x related works, I do wish to complain about the effective blocking of those who ARE interested. Including the up-conversion of 2e to 3e, or down-conversion of 4e and 5e to 3e. If being the squeaky wheel will get some 3.x grease, then I’ll volunteer to be respectfully annoying, lol.

On the positive side, @flip IS planning on updating the Athas site to make certain things easier, though due to ongoing real life stuffs, no particular ETA has been indicated to my awareness.


@nijineko please send me what you have to Raddu@athas.org.