#DarkSunDestinations series In Dark Sun Facebook Group

Greetings fellow Dark Sun devotees! It is a pleasure to join you all.

I’ve been a fan since the original 2e boxed set was first released, and after a few decades’ absence from D&D in general, I’ve been catching up in the past couple of months on all the things that have happened with the setting, geography and history since the Prism Pentad.

As a love letter to all that’s happened with Athas since I returned, I’ve been sharing a series of posts in the Dark Sun Facebook group called #DarkSunDestinations wherein I show imagery and tell the story of a traveller who has been asked to perform a survey of Athas’ natural wonders. The goal is to show imagery and provide background on some of the underrepresented parts of the greater Athasian map.

Have a look and tell me what you think:



As an update, I should point out all these old articles have been revised with better lore and expanded. The name has also been changed to the Athasian Survey Project, and it is now a regular feature on Athas.org. :slight_smile: