Dasaraches & the Dragon's Crown Mountains

Has anyone expanded on the fortress of Dasaraches, the SIlent Forest and the Dragon’s Crown Mountains?

DSE1 Dragon’s Crown states that the Wind Mages, an ancient order of Preservers, built the fortress using powerful magic. They also did some landscaping around the interior edge of the mountains to deter intruders. The thing that’s always got me was the road shown on the poster map in that adventure. It shows a road leading NW from the fortress, through the forest and petering out as it reaches the entrance to the valley.

I can’t imagine the Wind Mages deciding to build a near-20 mile road just for kicks and giggles. So the obvious question is who built it and where did it lead to? A settlement, another road network? The Chaksa isn’t far to the south of the mountains so it’s possible the whole thing is related to the Kreen/Human nation mentioned on p.81 of TKoA (thanks Crosswire for the reference on the Forest Maker thread).

Anyone have any thoughts, head canon or actual materials they’ve developed for the area?


I’ve wondered about that road too.

Is there any indication for when it was built? That might help indicate if it was for the human/Kreen nation or not.


There is a mention of a high level (tohr?)kreen psionicist who is part of the Order. I tie it into my game as an alliance between the two. Given the kreen age issue, they’re one of the few that have potion fruits of longevity… and I’ve thought to locate the tree in that forest (perhaps unbeknownst to the human/demihuman/nonkreen.