Daskinor - not insane. Differently sane

Daskinor appears to be afflicted with a textbook case of paranoid schizophrenia, delusions of grandeur, and catatonia. In reality, these mental illnessness are rather banal. I recognize the symptoms because my older brother has all three.

Lets mix it up a bit. Instead of the “mad king” trope based on real world mental illness, let’s make Daskinor fantasy insane.

When Daskinor attempted to open a door to the netherworld, he failed. He did open a door to somewhere, however. The Far Realm touches on the material plane of Athas in a way that the outer planes do not, and it was to the Far Realm that Daskinor opened the doorway. This doorway wasn’t a portal in the traditional sense of one that could be walked through, rather it was a gaping hole that allowed bizarre reality of the Far Realm to seep into Eldaarich, and into Daskinor’s mind.

Daskinor is not insane. If anything he has transcended beyond the feeble understandings of the other Sorcerer Kings. What do they know of impossible geometry or the reality of two contradictory states both being possible simultaneously?

Daskinor spends hours a day starting into the breach, allowing the Far Realm waves wash over him, as he communes with both beings that exist yet do not exist, possible yet not possible in accordance to the logic of the Far Realm.

Daskinor’s strange orders to his government have nothing to do with insanity in the conventional sense, and everything to do with producing a butterfly effect that will produce an outcome that seemingly has nothing to do with the strange order (such as when he banned psionics for a time). The psionic ban allowed the breach to extend the flow of Far Realm energies to spread all over Eldaarich, which is now having interesting consequences. Thus successful, Daskinor rescinded his ban on psionics, making him seem more insane. Of course, no one could possibly understand Daskinor’s point of view… Yet. As the Far Realm slowly influences the people of Eldaarich they will recieve the same lunatic insight as Daskinor himself (but to a lesser extent as Daskinor, being an advanced being, is able to comprehend much).

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I’ve had a group playing up north for awhile, they are currently trying to take over Eldaarich and replace him. The way I’ve run him is that he was the most powerful Psychoportive of the Green Age mostly due to his early mastery of True Mind Switch. As one of the very fist psionic humans he saw the rise of the human race and the fall of the halflings.

He’s the most accomplished planar traveler (even more so then Dregoth) and Rajaat recruited him specifically so he could pump him for information on the other planes. Unfortunately Daskinor was not a very good scholar (and was a painfully slow student of magic), he just did things and experienced them. He did help create the Planar Gate that Dregoth used and his stories of dragons from other worlds was the inspiration for Dregoth’s transformation spell.

When the Dragon was rampaging, Daskinor began work on the ultimate deterrent, a type of mirror similar to the Planar Gate that would be focused on his enemies and draw them into a plane that was their worst nightmare.

After a number of setbacks Borys came knocking for his yearly levy. Unlike previous years Daskinor did not have enough foreign slaves to hand over and refused to gave his citizens. When Borys pressed the issue Daskinor focuses the gate on him. Unfortunately the only thing Borys feared any longer was Rajaat himself. The mirror opened a portal through the Black to the Hallow itself. Originally intended only to allow entrance and not exit, Borys threw everything he had at the mirror as he was drawn closer to his master, damaging it and allowing Rajaat to reach back into Athas for just a moment. Daskinor attempted to close the mirror which allowed Borys to escape terrified of what would happen if Daskinor opened it again.

Unknown to Borys in the process of trying to close the mirror it’s focus switched to Daskinor and was shattered. Some of the shards became fragments of Daskinor’s personality (see Faces of the Forgotten North), others became embedded in Daskinor connecting him to the multiverse.

Daskinor can’t travel the planes with this connection, but from time to time one of those connections attempts to take over his mind. Sometimes these alternate versions of himself are waging wars that don’t exist in this plane but are able to take over his mind for a short time, other times he’s catatonic while he fights dozens or even hundreds of factions within his own mind. Rarely, he’s able to take control of his body again or a version close enough to our Prime Material Plane’s Daskinor is able to take control. During these rare moments, he tries to gather the lost fragments. He believes if he can gather all the shards they will reform the Mirror of Terror, he’ll be freed from his demons, and able to safely shut it down.


I like this on multiple levels, but ESPECIALLY because it provides a concrete reason why Borys would abandon the North. The story as provided never made much sense: a (in 2e terms) lvl 22 dragon managed to provide enough of a deterrent against the DRAGON OF TYR for CENTURIES (effectively forever) by “amassing armies” or whatever the direct quote was? I don’t think so.


Very clever. Bravo. I always chalked it up to “Dragon Paranoia” instead of “Dragon Madness”, and Borys either feeling a pang of compassion or not wanting to poke the crazy bear when there were plenty of other levies to be had.