Demon replacement

Hi all! First, thanks for your time and keeping alive this awesome setting.
Context: in running the original adventures (Freedom!, Road to Urik, etc). I’m using d&d 5e as system. Now playing Dragon’s Crown.

Spoiler Alert!!!

They are about to enter the old sewer and probably meet the night assassin (or night stalker, don’t remember the right name). The thing is that the assassin is a demon, nabazu demon. I don’t feel ok with the late dark sun opening to other planes, specially when my players still don’t know anything about the dragon and deep lore about the setting.
I’m asking for a recommendation about which creature can I use to replace the demon. I was thinking in a Tembo since they are likely to infiltrate in a community but maybe a city-state is too much. So, which creature do you recommend me to use to replace the demon?

Why replace it? The Gray makes the Outer Planes difficult to access but not impossible. Just make sure you don’t have too many gribblies from the OP in your campaign and you’re good to go.

As I say before I don’t feel ok with opening Athas to other planes. At least not now. As long as I can avoid that I’ll keep the plane closed. I don’t think is really important to this story to use the demon. And I have the feeling that, since my players know demons come from the abyss they will try to investigate that instead of follow the story, which is not necessarily something wrong. But they want to follow the adventure and could think that the demon could be related to the main story.
I hope I’m not mixing everything.
I know late dark sun opened to other planes but that is not what I want now for MY dark sun.

I don’t play 5e so I don’t know if it would work, but a Fael could be substituted. One that is a cannibal would explain all the bones from the scene and it could be a psion in life which would give it access to the extra powers.


That is an awesome idea. I think a halfling fael or many could be a great replacement also works better with the adventure that says the demon needs to eat a full body to get its energy but still left bodys on the street.
I’m not so familiar with the second monster book. Thank you so much :slight_smile:

A fael is a great idea.
However, there is no reason why the threat can’t have the stats of a demon and have its appearance changed to appear more appropriate. This is especially useful for old school gamers, who have the monstrous manual memorized. Nabassu stats on a fael could be quite the surprise for an experienced group.

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That is also a good idea. Still I’m going with a group of halfling faels. One of the players is playing with a halfling who used to be part is Hamanu’s army and the fael will be old friends

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And in this specific scenario that works great. Other adventures might call for the same kind of thing though and changing the dressing is sometimes easier than changing everything about the monster.

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