Developer team: any chance of a Dark Sun netbook?

I’m someone that would love to contribute to the work by the development team, but unfortunately my circumstances preclude me from working as part of a team or being held to collaborative responsibilities. That said, I think I could contribute some material in a netbook format. See the latest issue of Quoth the Raven, which is a netbook supporting the Ravenloft setting, for what I have in mind.

It’s these odds and ends that various people could contribute that makes for an interesting netbook. Any thoughts?

We have a section of our dev group for developing articles for Fancy contributing to one of those?

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Yes. As long as the Dark Sun subject matter can be freely chosen by the contributor.

That’s why they’re articles.

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I’m curious as to how you define “working as part of a team or being held to collaborative responsibilities”, in relation to being prevented from doing so. (That can happen via PM, if you want)

It’s not as if we have page counts or weekly deadlines, many contributors drop in, write a section of text or two, and get busy with life again for a few weeks.

As Jack implies, the Web Articles are even less routine/organized than the “project work”, but there’s likely a way to accommodate nearly any level of available time.

For the record Redking, the collaborations you and I have had in the past (time spent and rate of communication-wise) are typical of low to mid range participation in our dev group.

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In the main, I do not want to make any commitments that I cannot fulfil and let people down. I’ve got a lot going on, its hard to explain. But discrete material, like articles, are in the realm of the possible.


You don’t need to explain, its fine.

We can, and already do, find ways to accommodate this level of participation. :grinning: