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Hi everyone!
after a lot of years, I finally come back to my favourite game and see, with great pleasure, that Dark sun still have an active community.

Today, I slowly create a skirmih game set in dark sun and even it’s not an RPG game, I hope that some parts may be useful for someone, so here it is :

I have also discover that there are a lot of projects and maybe that some of them can match with mine. So I will take a look at them.

See you


Welcome to our wretched hive of scum and villainy.

If you’re a solid writer and willing to work with a team, we could definitely use your skills.

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Thank you neujack,
Why not, it depends on what you mean by solid writer?
By the way, I’m using the existing descritptions and maps for my game, so create a new one with the context may be useful for RPG as for miniatures games.
The first I look at is Kalidnay but I have to look on Bodach or Othand who have been calling me since a long time

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I’ve now finally had a look at your site. And I very much stand corrected-- your writing is good, but your miniatures work is par excellence.

Ever thought of making some characters based on Secrets of the Dead Lands? We’re just about to drop the companion NPC book in a week or two, and it would be amazing to see what you can do with that…

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Glad that it pleases you !
I’m not going to reveal too many things right away, but this recent text can guide you to a next group of characters who will intervene in the story:

Thakok-An - Ruins of…

Well that’s my own vision of this character and I assume the fact that it does not necessarily fit with the original supplements. Although, it is debatable because I base myself on “psionic artifacts of Athas” and the orbs of Kali-Ma
I haven’t finished reading this huge project that you have come to the end of, but who knows? why not make a next scenario there. Or use one of yours?

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That’s what I’m proposing, as a promotional event.

What do you think? We could discuss some options and I could help direct you to some characters that might be up your alley.

PM me if that would work for you…

It seems that I can’t PM you for now.
You’re talking about one or two weeks for the next book, it will be hard for something correct but tell me what characters you are thinking of and I tell you I if I can