Dragon Kings (Soldier-Spy)

If you have not yet seen it, about a year ago Timothy Brown ran a kickstarter and released a new setting called Dragon Kings. It’s Tim’s “spiritual successor” to Dark Sun, and there is a lot that is likely to look familiar. Also, a few interesting twists on our blasted world as well.

It’s primarily a setting book (and progressive rock album), with a few rules supplements for Savage Worlds, 13th Age and Pathfinder

Anyone looked it over? What do you think?

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I have it in English and German editions and I love it, though I miss their-kreen which are unfortunately WotC IP now. It is a fascinating world but in some ways is difficult for OSR players as the traditional class-based games of D&D and AD&D don’t apply quite as easily as more open system like The Dark Eye or other systems that move away from strict classes. I’m anxious for more stuff to come out but Tim is occupied with the English release of The Dark Eye 5th Edition just now.

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Could someone eventually note the differences to original Dark Sun? like @Oiselarius noted that the Thri-Kreen are missing. I think about buying the Dragon Kings books.

As far as I know it is not similar at all.