Draj (and anything else vaguely mesoamerican)

Hey everyone! It’s been a long time.
I have a very specific question/request. I am planning on running a 3.5 campaign in a mesoamerican setting, and I was wondering what sources you guys use for such a thing. You know, aside from City State of Draj (which is excellent, and I do plan to use it, particularly for the prestige classes).
Doesn’t matter if it’s 2nd or 3rd party, so long as it isn’t avalanche press.

(if you know of any alternate base classes, that would be ideal)

I don’t know of anything else in DS, but you could take a look at the Maztica from the Forgotten Realms. It’s 2e, but it’s VERY meso-american. I’d always planned to look at it for flavor.

You could probably find 3e conversions of its monsters and “prestige classes”/kits…


Does it have to be a D&D book? What are you looking for? Crunch or Fluff? If Fluff, there are many detailed books on Mesoamerican stuff, such as:

Or articles and blogs…

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I like how you specify “no avalanche press.”

IIRC, however, I think their mesoamerica splat book wasn’t TOO terrible.

Maztica is pretty terrible, to be honest, however.

Palladium’s Pantheons of the Megaverse book has some interesting bits on mesoamerican stuff, as do their rifts vampire books and the south america books. I mean you’re gonna have to try really hard to sift through the chaff for useable bits, but still.

D20 Past had some (small) bits. Adamant Entertainment did some caribbean pirates themed stuff that was actually really good: buccaneers & booker (a magazine that ran a half dozen issues or so) and skull & bones (a green ronin pirates book) both had snippets of mesoamerican stuff, albeit very geared towards a pirate setting.

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