Draj Noble House names?

I’m on the hunt for Draji noble house names, and look where I might – back in the old 2E material, or in more recent Burnt World of Athas releases – I cannot find even one example.

Anyone care to point me to a source that lists some? Failing that, any thoughts on cool-sounding Draji noble house names?

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Have you checked out the city-state of Draj from Athas dot org.

I’m there I am finding the following merchant houses:

House Tsalaxa, Draj’s main merchant house
House Azeth anothe merchant house

Tsalaxa seems to have dealings in every aspect of Draji society.

Also take a look at some of the names NPC at the back of the book they may give you some inspiration for house names.

Atzetuk (NG human male Psi6), King of Draj
Bartis (NE human male Glal7), House Tsalaxa
Chilocotec (LN human male Fig 8/Jag 5), Commander of the Army
Chimali Zaachila (LG human female Wiz5), Veiled Alliance
Imotec (NE human male Clr16), High Priest of Fire
Ixtabai the Blind (LN human male Psi 12), House of the Mind
Kael Stormseeker, (LE elf male Rog 3/Wiz 6/ King’s Defiler 5/ Asn 1), King’s bounty hunter
Kargash (CE human male Wiz15), House Tsalaxa
Maxtlixoco (LE human male Tem5/Mpr10)
Nahualixi (LN dwarf female ClrlO), High Priestess of Earth
Rugar Stormbringer (NE halfling male Clr8), Priest of Rain
Tanuixtli (CG half-elf male ClrlO), High Priest of Water
Tionaca (LN human female Drd8/Psi2), Queen of Draj
The Guardian (CE meorty female Wiz17)
The Nameless Sentinel (LE raaig male Ftr9)
Varoxil Rante (LE raaig male ClrlO), Cleric of Rain
Xaltotec (NE human male Wiz5/ ArD7), Government defiler
Yarsha Tsalaxa (LN human female Ari2/ Rog15), House Tsalaxa leader


I did, yeah, given the dearth of official source material about Draj, Athas.org’s sourcebook on the subject was my first port of call. But I didn’t want to lend Merchant House’s names to Draji nobility, or commit any of the characters detailed there to a noble house.

Fortunately, Google came to the rescue, and pointed me to a web page that listed a bunch of names of Aztec origin. The site was aimed at new parents looking for baby names, but given that each suggested name also gave it’s original meaning, it actually came in pretty handy.

Thanks again, internet! :slight_smile:


Nice list. Thanks.

Always wanted to run a campaign about Dune-like nobles houses fighting.

I just got done reading a Dune-prequel book. It was like seven-hundred pages, but, in short, easy to read chapters.

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