Dwarves of Athas Assistance

I’m looking for assistance with a project I am working on. I would like to put together “Dwarves of Athas,” because Dwarves get shafted when it comes to official information.
I am looking for someone to bounce ideas off of and edit each others writings. Any volunteers?

Also, is there a Dwarves of Athas book out there that I don’t know about?

I’ve seen more than one compilation that lists all of the Dark Sun material that’s been put out officially and there’s no sign of a Dwarf book (these lists include magazine articles and the like as well). So you should be good there.

I’d be happy to bounce ideas on posts or PMs, but I can’t promise any serious editing work. However if you do need an extra set of eyes to look things over and help with wording I might be able to help.

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I worked on a Dwarves of Athas project a decade or so ago but I haven’t been able to find a copy of it. I have a few more HDs I can look at to see if I missed it but I’m pretty sure I checked them once already. It was based off the Races of Stone entries. If you need a set of eyes or anything feel free to PM me.

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I’d be happy to be a sounding board, and do editing too.

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This is a fantastic community. You are great people.

What I’ll probably do is set up a google doc that we can all leave comments on.

SeruZmaj: I am very interested in anything you may find.

I am a good and meticulous editor, and I’d love to help. However, I want to make clear that I’m making no particular time commitment; my amount of free time waxes and wanes unpredictably.


That is understandable. I believe most of us are in the same boat.

Here’s a link to the first part. It’s a little shorter than I’d like, but I’m not much of a writer. It’s the Dwarf creation myth.

Here’s what I have. I was part of a larger Races of Athas project but it looks like much of that was lost.

Races of Athas: Dwarves

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This is great stuff. I will incorporate some of it, if you don’t mind.

Not at all, hopefully it will finally get completed.

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Look at wisdom og the drylanders, there is a charter on Dwarfs.
Also lost cities, and faces of the forgotten north includes some clues.
On Hogalay, Charvass, the Kip herder clave, the Murotoc, the oroscrit and so forth.
A other worth site of mention is the Dark sun facebook page, look up dwarfs and your golden.

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Second Part: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1UXSs7WPbUS3oTgcise48k3ECc1byTExrwvtL3VODT0Q/edit?usp=sharing

I can not explain how happy I am seeing that after 20 years people is still supporting the Dark Sun.

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I gave a read, good stuff!

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Feel free to criticize and/or offer suggestions for improvement.

I’ve looked over and commented on the first portion of Part 1. For the record, I greatly prefer the approach taken by the bit of Races of Athas: Dwarves that was posted, and think we should take that as the base of what we’re doing, rather than merely inspiration. In particular, I like the “we really don’t know our past; once we had records, but they were lost” approach, as opposed to the “standard creator myth” in the Dwarf Book.

Sorry it took me so long to look it over; I apparently missed the notification email. I’ll look over the rest soon.

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The original approach for the Races of Athas I worked on was to try to keep the same type of feeling as the Wanderer’s Journals. Give plenty of room to prove anything that wasn’t liked wrong and to allow for inconsistencies to be glossed over. It’s easier to write something off as just something the author didn’t know about if you wanted to use something else.


Take a look at “wisdom of the drylanders” athas.org
It has a nice chapter on dwarf wisdom.

I have looked at everyone’s suggestions and there is a lot of great stuff already out there.
Here’s Part 3, it’s a lot shorter than I would like, but I’m not the best at filling things out.