Elf Run Question

I don’t remember whether elves stopped to rest every twelve hours, or if they ran 24/7 during the elf run. Anyone remember the ruling?

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In the novels they stop to rest.

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they can keep running without resting, but if they do they automatically become one of those weird undead elven joggers.
I am kidding. I think.

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While none of the source books specially state if they have to rest or not at the end of each day, they give the impression (at least to me) that elves can run non-stop for days if necessary.

The reason the novels show them stopping each day is due to the entire tribe running. Different elves have different tolerances for how long they can run and you wouldn’t want to lose the older elves if you didn’t have to. Besides that, fatigue sets in if you run for more then a single day and you never know when you may need to fight.

In version 2 it was based on Con while 3.5 has it based on a Concentration check. In version 2 a mass elf run could use the constitution of an elf leader or the elf with the highest charisma score and version 3.5 allowed a charisma bonus to the checks movement rate and the Fort checks. You should also note in version 2, depending on Dex, an elf had a higher movement rate then normal which affected the elf run.

As for the dune runners, elves only became that if they were running for a quest or mission and failed.


Elves of athas says an unprepared elf can run for a full day without tiring, which I’m guessing is 12 hours. Since the 5e rules lets anyone travel for 8 hours before tiring, I guess that’s good enough. It’s not likely to come up anyway. In the ten years I played 2e dark sun, elf run was never used by the players.

Exactly, while it was a cool racial ability, you’d only ever see it in play if the entire group was elves, or the lone elf PC went off on his own. Both of those were unlikely scenarios so that’s probably why the revised 2e boxed set decided to give elves a speed boost in addition to the elf run.

If I were to run them in 5e I would say elves get advantage on forced march checks and leave it at that.

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