Epic Sorcerer-Kingmaker Dark Sun Conversion Maps and Assets

Hi All, I’ve commissioned Gabriel Eggers to create some fantastic Athas style regional maps that will be a zoomed in look at the southern terminus of the Ringing Mountains/Forest Ridge (see comments below). The maps will have no place names, scale or grids on then.

My intention is to use them for Luke Swadling’s killer Sorcerer-Kingmaker conversion which you can check out here: Sorcerer-Kingmaker

I’m also commissioning Oneiromancy to do all the battle maps, and custom tokens by Devon Night. There will be custom art assets too, all for the Sorcerer-Kingmaker conversion. DM me if you have any questions about this content also.

Here is where we are at so far:


This is the area for the campaign…
SKM Location on Athas


2 of 4 regional panels completed, flipped vertically to better represent where it fits on Athas. Hex crawl locations located and terrains changed to match Athas (scrub plains, thorny barrens, sandy wastes, etc)


I can pay if you need help with that


Hey, support would be great :slight_smile: Are you thinking of running the conversion? The assets would also be great for any adaptation also of course.