Erudite prestige class 3.5 by Garryl

Here is the Erudite prestige class by Garryl, which frankly makes a lot more sense than having an erudite base class in 3.5. Here is the link below -

Now… we have the spell-to-power variant of the erudite to think about. Since the StP erudite must provide spell components (or XP if they don’t have them), then there is no reason that a StP erudite cannot be a preserver StP erudite, or a defiler erudite. A quick and dirty fix is to say that the defiler erudite gets a +1 on save DCs for spells that he manifests as powers, and a preserver doesn’t.

Why does it make more sense?

Because the Erudite was a baseclass, but was also specifically a “variant psion”. Rather than have variant psions it is better to have a prestige class.

With what logic do you support your supposition? I understand that you feel it better to make a prestige over a variant base class, but why? ACFs are basically variant base classes as well… I don’t really understand yet.

You could say that the way of the Erudite is an acquired skill. Also, the Erudite had some mechanics that were rather poor.

could you decompress that somewhat and give some breakdown level by level (or class feature) comparisons between the poor mechanics and your improvements? or are you trying to be mysterious on purpose?

Well there is the uses per day mechanic/class feature. That’s it.

[quote=“redking, post:3, topic:784”]it is better to have a prestige class[/quote]It has nothing in common with my sense. As for me, it would be rather better to substitute common psions with erudites entirely.

Okay, uses per day… and what did you replace it with?

I’m looking not just for a statement of “this is my opinion”, but your reasoning and the mechanics too. Please be a little more forthcoming with details. Otherwise, you’re just effectively making random comments to no effect or purpose.

For example, the Erudite ability could also be easily reconstructed as an ACF, instead of a prestige or a replacement class. My impression of the class was that it was designed to bring the know-it-all class feature of the wizard into psionics. and apparently they wanted some sort of limits on the powers per day, same as a wizard is limited (normally) to level slots per day and must memorize (again, normally) in advance.

However, as psionics have no slots, and they didn’t want to weaken the class via limiting the power points, they decided instead to use a unique mechanic for effectively limiting the number of different powers usable per day. in other words, the unique powers per day class feature is what they came up with to mimic the wizard’s limited level slots per day and memorization requirement, without being exactly the same - given that one of the core mechanics of psionics is that you can pick from any power known whenever.