Everlasting waterskin magical item

Discovered on page 90 of Guilds by AEG.


This seems quite modest and setting appropriate. In terms of costing, does changing the gold piece cost to ceramic piece cost sound reasonable?

I, personally, would not include this magic item in my Dark Sun game, as it removes some of the survival element.
However, if you want to, I would cut the amount of water in half, so only 1 gallon, and keep the cost in gold, so it’s crazy expensive to create. If it’s 300cp, which is relatively cheap, wizards and priests, especially water priests, would create a ton of these.
Edit: I’d probably increase the xp amount also. Maybe to 120.


I mean, that’s not how items in 3.5e are constructed/ priced, but sure.

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So I did some checking on the Blanket of Sustenance from Faces of the Forgotten North. The blanket is 480% more expensive than a ring of sustenance. If we follow the same percentage, then the everlasting waterskin would cost 1440 cp and the XP costs are adjusted upwards accordingly. At this price you should definitely get 2 gallons of water a day.


Seems more reasonable to me. The original costs are far too low though for the setting, but 300 gp seems a bit excessive. I’d probably just 10x it, personally, instead of 100x ing it or 4.8x ing it.

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I just noticed that my math is off because while the item costs 300 gp to create, the cost to buy is 600 gp. So the actual cost for this item on Athas would be 2880 cp, not 1440 cp.

I would peg that as nearly an artifact. Can not be made by anyone but epic water clerics. Would likely never have it for sale but it it were for sale multiply that price by at least 100.


A low level water cleric can produce more water than that everyday if they want to… a couple of gallons of water a day hardly seems like an epically powerful magic item even on Athas. If it produced 50 gallons a day it would be a portable miniature oasis and I would agree with you that it’s epically powerful but even that is only enough to water a small caravan or nomadic tribe.

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I’d make a decanter of endless water an artifact, but not an item that can produce mere 2 gallons a day. As Rhul_Thuan_Sage points out, even low level clerics can produce more water than that.

Fair enough that is only the equivalent of a couple of spells a day.

I just wouldn’t want them to be common by any means. They should be rare and expensive as it bypasses a major part of the game. Perhaps one is found in a treasure trove but one for sale would seem unlikely

And yeah there are absolutely no decanters of endless water in my games.