Everything is better with dinosaurs!

Velociraptor, Oviraptor, and Protoceratops are some of the dinosaurs that were probably desert dwelling. I think it would interesting to include these on Athas, while making them more ferocious of course. However, I can’t imagine an Athasian calling them by their scientific names. What other names might an Athasian use to describe these creatures?

The Eberron setting had alternate names for dinos, in the original campaign book(in the monster section). A velociraptor is called a Clawfoot. That sidebar(i believe it was on page 280, iirc) should get your creative juices flowing

Thanks, I think clawfoot is a good name for a velociraptor. I do not have the Eberron setting book. Would anyone who does be willing to assist me?

If and when i get it back(let my cousin borrow it), I’ll type what names they printed

Edit:My cousin’s ears must have been burning, because she just dropped it off and left. I was right about the page number, but i forgot it had “draconic” names for dinos as well. Here you go:

Elasmosaurus=Great Fintail=Hapaharan’ost
Megaraptor=Great Carver=Haka’rhavad’eth
T Rex=Swordtooth Titan=Havharag’eth


Wow! Thank you, this is very helpful.

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