Expanded metamorphosis epic seed for 3.5

Here are some expanded factors for the metamorphosis seed in Legends of Athas 3.5.

Make the following changes to the epic spellcasting and epic manifesting feats.
*Where the epic spellcasting or manifesting feat requires a number of ranks in skills, change the required ranks to 30. [This means that the epic spellcaster or manifester gets epic spells or powers at level 27 at the earliest].

Make the following alterations to the metamorphosis seed, but is otherwise the same.
*The metamorphosis seed may only be used by an character that is able to cast epic spells and manifest epic powers, and and in casting the metamorphosis seed is also able to contribute an epic psionic power slot. In essence the metamorphosis seed is both magic and psionic. Spellcasters or manifesters unable to do this may not cast the metamorphosis seed. In addition, change the cost for combining with other seeds to 2.5 (reduced from 5).

Recuperation (Ex): The character may rest for 2 hours, and regain a number of hit points equal to half its full hit points (up to a maximum of its full hit points) and regain the use of any class features that are limited to a certain number of uses per day (such as barbarian rage, bardic performance, spells per day, and so on).

Studious Retention: The character may recover previously prepared spells through normal rest without study (or through the recuperation ability). Any spell changes must be memorized, and must have the normal 8 hours of rest.

Advanced Being Skill Affinity (EX): An Advanced Being is not limited to maximum skill ranks of Hit Dice + 3 skills like mere mortals. Instead maximum skill ranks for Advanced Beings is Hit Dice + INT modifier. Furthermore, all skills are considered class skills for an Advanced Being.

Elemental Energy Vortex (Su): You can grant divine spells to those who follow your cause, allowing them to select you as their deity for the purposes of determining their spells and domains. Select two domains upon taking this ability. You grant access to these domains as if you were a deity. In granting spells to your templar followers you may give them access or deny them access, but have no special way of knowing which spells your templars are casting nor are you able to deny them specific spells.

This chart looks really interesting to me. I played Dark Sun back in the 2e day, so I’m unfamiliar with any 3.0/3.5 updates to the setting. In our campaign it was important to the DM that all the players had a long term goal beyond just level advancement. The idea was that we each had our own “advanced being” we were striving to become. This was at least 20 years ago, so the options were really just Dragon or Avangion. The human preserver naturally chose avangion, but the rest of us had to come up with a premise for our transformation. The elven druid wanted to leave his flesh-and-blood body behind, becoming a greater elemental. My halfling was interested in reclaiming his racial history and mastering life-shaping/grafting. My goal was to utilize a progression of increasingly more powerful symbiotes/grafts to achieve an ultimate form (protective exoskeleton, extra limbs, wings, pincers, a tail with stinger, etc.)

Are there any other such forms already created? Does this chart allow a player to custom create their own form, or is it intended just to supply options to the traditional dragon/avangion metamorphosis choice? I’m wondering if there are any other forms - both official or homebrew - that have been utilized.

You can create pretty much anything you like with this list. I have a list that expands on this and will post it when I have ironed out any problems.