Faces of the Dead Lands Project

The Faces of the Dead Lands is intended to be similar to the Faces of the Forgotten North. Each NPC in SotDL will use the same format as that used in FotFN. Here is a listing of the NPCs in the current draft of SotDL. A small number do have complete stats and are marked as done. The rest need to be completed. I will see if we can post a template from Faces of the Forgotten North for download.

The Lands of the Undead

Chol and the Marauders

The Razor, Male human thinking zombie, fighter 15
Undead Crodlu
Undead Heavy Crodlu

D’thul, Zhen; male psion 6/wizard 5/ cerebremancer 7/necromant 10
D’thul’s Bodyguards, Morg male and female wizard 5 necromant 5

Blacktooth Maw
Yughbo, male ogre fael, barvarian 15

Howling Caverns

Lurking Blood, Unique Creature


Lizardman shaman, Krag (Fire) male and female lizardman priests 11
Lizardman warrior, Zhen male and female lizardman fighters 8
Undead vurgoshilm, Zhen vurgoshilm
Undead xemokeppers, Zhen xemokepper:
Undead dsaliqs, Zhen dsaliq
Pit snatcher
Earth wierds (bitumen)

Elsavos of the Elves

Malwaenis, Meorty elven male water priest 19 psion 11
Elf-dead A, fallen elf fighter 6
Elf-dead B, raaig elf psion 7
Human dead A, fallen human fighter 11
Human dead B, Namech psion 10

The Grand Duchy of Shadowmourn

Qwith, Grand Duchess of Shadowmourn, zhen wizard 20 necromant 10 - done
Ghonnsin, Chamberlain to Qwith, Zhen, Psi12/Wiz7 - done
Praetors of Shadowmourn, Zhen; male human fighter 15 psion 13
Centurions of Shadowmourn, Zhen; male human wizard 10 necromant 2


Harkor, Raaig male wizard 14 necromant 10
Zombie Masons
Skeleton Champions of Harkor
Sentinels of Death, Wraith female wizard 10 necromant 7
Servants of Harkor, Raaig male wizard 10 necromant 2
Harkor’s Ghosts,
Fael Taskmasters, Fael male fighter 14
Wraith Bosses, Wraith female fighter 12
Kaisharga Lieutenants, Kaisharga male wizard 5 necromanct 2/ psion 9/ cerebremancer 5
Naghak, Harkorese Ambassador to Shadowmourn, Human Male zhen, Bru3/Clr16(magma); – done


The Vizier, Zhen male wizard 16 necromant 10
Ohl-numash, Deshentan Ambassador to Shadowmourn, Human Male T’liz, Wiz18 - done

The Deshentan Military

Kaisharga Generals, kaisharga male and female necromancers fighter 10/ wizard 5 necromant 5
Fallen Champions, Fallen Male Psychic Warrior 14
Giant Skeleton Bombardiers
Giant Skeleton Leader
Dwarf Zombie Hammer-Bearers
Dwarf Zombie Leader
Elf Skeleton Swiftwings
Elf Skeleton Leader
T’liz Negotiators, T’liz male wizard 9 necromant 10 necromancers
Obsidian Elementals


Greater Air Elemental
Greater Earth Elemental
Greater Fire Elemental
Greater Water Elemental
vizier’s priests, Morg, Female templars of the Vizier 18
Vizier’s monks Morg Male templar of the Vizier 13 psions 7
The High Wizard Rhokhan, Zhen; female human wizard 14 necromant 5

Tectuktitlay’s Stair

Knor’morhen, Kaisharga Troll Male, Psi(seer)14/Exp5 - done
Tlatnaloc, Guardian of the Perished, Wraith, Athasian - done

The Bone Lands

Inbed Achhed (male human meorty, barbarian 23)
Tatia Achhed (male human meorty, ranger 20/wilder 5)
Bael Asiim (female human meorty, barbarian 24)
Hazzi Shalil (male human meorty, fighter 5/wilder 18)
Khasti Rasiim (male human meorty, ranger 5/barbarian 15).
Musraaf’s Chosen Cavalry Commander, Fael male/ female fighters 8
Musraaf’s Chosen Spearmen, zombies and skeletons
Musraaf’s Chosen Spearmen Commander, Fael male/ female fighters 6

Fouled Sea

Undead Sea Monsters Zhen, former tylosaurs
Brotherhood of the Mirror Zhen, priest of something other than water

Nuubark of the Shadows

Yorg-yanak, male troll raaig, psion 16 cleric 10

The Land of the Disciples

Gleaming Tribunual/, Priest Disciples, Krag male and female priests of magma (obsidian) 22/ psion 11
Mathargos Disciple, Krag male and female priests of magma 16/ wizard 5/ necormant 2
Disciples narthguks, XX priest of magma, 11
Wizard Disciples XX, wizard 10, necromant 6
Psion disciples, xx psion 11

Warrior disciples
Sovereign Rising, XX priest of magma 18
Itinerant Beryessaa, Nuncio of the Disciples to Shadowmourn - done

The Cliffs of the Northwest Rim

Small Home

Small Homer, small Racked spirit psion 7
Small Homer, small Racked spirit druid 11


Lunikra Brokennose Zhen female dwarf earth cleric 24
Stalwarts of Toganay, Dwarven banshees, male dwarf warriors 13
Bangad the Founder Zhen, male dwarf, fighter 27

Tru’ezarr Fort

Ram-azah Zhen, male human wizard 10, necromant 6
Ram-azah’s Lieutenants Zhen, fighter 12
Ogres in the Walls, Athasian wraiths

The Orc-Holds of Ghash-naarg

Shabnas the Last Chief Fallen, male orc fighter 14 wilder 12
The Chosen of Shabnas Fallen, Human undead, former bodyguards of Abalach-Re fighter11 /psion 7
Kigdifi, Clan-chief of the Talonborn Zhen, male orc, former clan-chief fighter 18
Clan-chief Riig-bo’ak the Throatbarer Zhen, male orc, former clan-chief barbarian 17

The Forbidden Mountains

The Nameless Shaman, male desert giant wraith
Wraiths of the Forbidden Mountains Wraith male and female necromancers 15
Ghosts of the Forbidden Mountains


Priest-king Thuguch Khvakhas male goblin fighter9 psion 9 priest 9
Goblin nobles Khvakhas male goblin fighter 8 and priests 8
Flesh rinds male and female goblins
Daskinor’s dead Wraith male and female fighters 15

Mazes of the Scales

Ni-angh’akh the Hermit Majesty, meorty male kobold wilder 30
Viceregal Guard Fallen male kobold fighters 12
The Bold of Sacha I Fallen male and female human fighters 15
The Bold of Sacha II, Zhen male and female human fighters 15
Gorl-ik the Viceregent, Venger male kobold fighter 8 psion 15
Viceregal Guard II, Zhen male kobold fighters 12

Beardpit Mines

Whitebeards, gnome Thinking zombies, priest of earth 15, or psion 15
Gnome zombies
Gnome vengers
Gnome racked spirits
with the fungi providing the gnomish undead the useful powers
Dodam Linass, Spectre Male wizard 15 fire priest 3 necromant 3
Dodam’s honor guard, wraith male and female fighters 12
Cairn-born male and female human zhen, wizard 5/psion 7/cerebremancer 5/necromant 8

The Kingdoms of Gretch

The Kings and their Kingdoms

Gretch Morg, male wizard 5/psion 5/cerebremancer 8/necromant 10

The Uncrowned

Fnuthaar (male half-giant morg, barbarian 16),
Col’raoz (female human morg, ranger 7 psion 8),
Las-ufar, Ambassador of Gretch to Shadowmourn, male human morg, nomad 9 rogue 7 - done
Uzhgabr, morg (male dwarf morg, psion 11 fighter 5).

The Kingdom of Wujarrt

Wujarrt Morg female wizard 5/psion 5/ cerebremancer 5/necromant 2
Gwanqui Axe-born Fallen male mul fighter (10th) – not in current version

The Kingdom of Ireyul

Ireyul Flesh golem male wizard 9/necromant 5

The Kingdom of Oskyar

Oskyar Racked spirit male wizard 11/psion 5/ cerebremancer 3/necromant 10

The Kingdom of Chuul

Chuul (T’liz male wizard 16/necromant 2)
Vassahi Eomwa elven male zhen, psion 25

The Kingdom of Kuo’chthan

Kuo’chthan thinking zombie; thri-kreen fighter 18 psychic warrior 12

The Kingdom of Ceeryl

Ceeryl Racked spirit female wizard 5/psion 5/ cerebremancer 3/necromant 7/druid 4

The Gardens of Shansanar

Shansanar Unclassified undead

The Gelada of Kiwk

Kiwk Feylaar male thinking zombie fighter 8 wilder 9
Zhen overseers
Praetorian guard, fallen

Nophdeh’s Gullet

Nophdeh male dwarven banshee rogue 8

The Viscera

Gazwaag, Convoy Leader of the Striders, Zhen, male human warrior 7

The Kingdom of Olnak

Tol’thak Morg male wizard 5/psion 5/ cerebremancer4/ necromant 10

The Exilarchate of Erthne

Erthne the Exilarch, Male ogre warrior fallen 17

The Kingdom of Nocwis

Nocwis Skeleton warrior female fighter 15


Eddarkols Male human fallen fighter 5/ wizard 10/ necromant 8
Fallen solider Male human fallen fighter 8


Jush-Esgar, the Caravan King, Zhen male human fighter 12 psion 16
Shumash undead A dwarven banshee commoner 4
Shumash undead B orc athasian wraith
Shumash undead C Human zhen

The City of a Thousand Dead

The Descendants of the Chosen

Thikwasa female human zhen, psion 28
Traleev-eso male human zhen, wizard 12/necromant 10
Magnwag female human zhen, wizard 15/necromant 1
Negchar male human zhen, wizard 20/fire priest 9
Ac’nac’wo male human zhen, wizard 8/psion 5/ cerebremancer 10/necromant 6
Munavar the Earth priest, male human zhen, earth priest 23
Cheltagthwo the psionicist, female human zhen, psion 19
Zaprarus No-iim the defiler, (male human zhen, wizard 18/necromant 5)
Djelj male human zhen, psion 27
Sinker Kasgat male human zhen, wizard 20/necromant 4
Ulariss female human zhen, wizard 17/necromant 5
Ruknis male human zhen, wizard 25/necromant 3
Ebliriok male human zhen, wizard 17/necromant 4
Wasagar female human zhen, wizard 6/psion 7/cerebremancer 10/necromant 1
Pwiskathi Bone-Eyes female human zhen, psion 23
Abak-Enawi male human zhen, psion 26
Kakraz the Putrid male human zhen, wizard 6/psion 6/cerebremancer 9/necromant 4
Hashbru E’abriz male human zhen, wizard 19/necromant 3

Rajaat’s Fugitives
Pandruj kaisharga male wizard 15/necromant 10
Tetrarchs Morg male and female various races psion 22

The Defenders
G’dranav, Meorty male ogre psion 30
Defenders, Dwarf Meorty male and female fighters 15 psion 9

The Champion’s Daughters
Champion’s Daughters, Officers Zhen female fighters 16 psion 12
Champion’s Daughters, Zhen female fighters 12 psion 7

The Hungry Ghosts
Nukra-dzif zhen male human rogue 17 psion 15
Quansak One-Ear zhen male human fighter 18 rogue 7
Jishassagar No-Footfall Zhen female human rogue 22
Redsmile Rog Zhen male human rogue 16/pychic warrior 7

The “Other” Undead

Volldrager Zhen male human cleric of rain 18
three meorties
Guinswai the Forbidding, Zhen male human wizard 11/necromant 10
The Great One, Colossal obsidian elemental

Legions of the Claw

The Shale Lands

The Great Mound of Ahnthyarka

Giant Firefly Exoskeleton
Giant Firefly Zombie
Pulp Bee Zombie
Pulp Bee Exoskeleton
Giant Ant Lion Zombie
Giant Ant Lion Exoskeleton
Ahnthyarka, scarlet warden

The Kank Nests

Kank Zombie, soldier
Kank Exoskeleton, soldier
Chimera Raaigs male and female chimera raaigs, psion 8/wizard 5/necromant 5

Wezer Clouds

Wezer Zombie
Wezer Exoskeleton

The Web

Unreclaimed, Undead s’thag zagath
Undead spiders


Thank you @Band2.

It might be good to give the people who are working on this access to the main text for reference, as so much of the Dead Lands was based upon these characters themselves.


Band2 - I heard that Prestige Class Appendix Volumes I and II were being edited for errors and brushed up. What happened to that?

Who decided on these levels? As someone who has the source material,I don’t recall there being a 30th level anything in the Deadlands. The number of ultra high level characters in the original supplement was absurd to begin with, but seems even more pronounced in the project above. Can you give some insight here?

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I will have background summaries posted for the NPCs.

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I will look into how far those projects progressed. But I will be working on the core rule edits from nijenko first. Once that is finished I will see about the Appendix updates.

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Sorry I do not have an insight. That was before my time working on Dead Lands. I can say that levels across additions are not equivalent.

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I don’t know if it’s worth it, but when it came to DS I sometimes added an additional subtype to my undead (Adaptable). This was applied to undead creatures that could continue to learn and grow in undeath while maintaining the original “frozen” undeath idea. It could only be applied to intelligent undead.

Kaisharga for instance did not have the subtype while T’liz and Morgs did.


Prestige class appendixes? Since I’m so fond of rules, if those need finishing, I could be talked into it.

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You might familiarize yourself with the existing athas dot org releases found on the site. There are two prestige class documents, for example.

Lol, I’m more than familiar with the two documents in question, especially since I’m probably your most prolific and voluble proponent of the Athasian Soulknife prestige class on other sites over the core base class soulknife… not to mention routinely getting blasted and hated on the stacks and other forums for constantly bring up the soulknife, the Lifeshaping rules, as well as other Athas-based psionic solutions, when the general public consensus seems to be that the Athas books are not well edited nor well written nor well balanced nor official. Or so the major rep people on the stacks claim… which irks me as I love the psionic material and am fond of the lifeshaping material too. (hate magic though, no offense intended, Templar Pennarin) I have been claiming that since the Athas material is co-owned, it counts as not only official, but also first party… but I get tons of crap over it every time I do so. Sigh.

The only reason I didn’t make more radical (and needed) changes to the core book is because Flip asked me not to, and I respect his request. So I kept it to a clean-up type edit.

I was meaning by my comment that since I’m a very rules focused person (as those who are familiar with me are all aware) and since I just finished and submitted the spellcheck review of the r8 version of the core DS book, I could be potentially lured into reviewing and fixing those two next since they are primarily rules based, hence my phrasing about “finishing them”. =D But I have also already expressed some opinions about the Emporium and the Lifeshaping handbook, and my time is limited, so we’ll have to see.


So, where are the books written by these major people, dare I ask? Or are they better writers…in their heads?

I kind of agree with both sides. The work could definitely be improved but it would be nice to have official recognition, given that was literally what the whole agreement was about in the first place.

The only thing that surprises me about any of this is who have you talked to whose even heard of this site? I’ve basically never seen a reference to anything produced here that wasn’t on this site itself.


One of my main critics is one of the authors for Dreamscarred Press, the group that does all the 3rd party psionic material for pathfinder. He is especially scathing of the lifeshaping rule set. So I guess that counts as industry creds.

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Athas.org material shows up in the RPG stack exchange and over on minmaxforums, as well as occasional mentions on enworld and gitp.

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I have to admit that I am not a fan of the lifeshaping material. This is my headcanon, but I prefer the lifeshaping to be a lost art because it relied on the living coral of the halfling seas. No coral, no lifeshaping. Rajaat was able to emulate it to an extent with magic and psionics, but true lifeshaping is gone forever.

I like the IDEA of Lifeshaping, but the way it’s implemented (both in 2e and 3e), I’m not a fan of: the pricing, the way it interacts with itself/magic/psionics, the bonuses/abilities granted, etc.

Now, if the idea is that its an ancient (and obsolete) technology [I know that it is], then that might be an appropriate feeling for Lifeshaping to evoke.

But for me, the 3e Lifeshaping feels like its trying to be just as useful/valuable magic or psionics. And fails.

Great work was done there, and I certainly don’t have better ideas. Its still super cool.

I feel like Eberron’s Daelkyr grafts are a better example of this idea.


I agree that for Athas it should be a lost art, but I also like the idea of having an established working and system compatible rule set for lifeshaping. It is a valuable addition of concepts for any fantasy or scifi game, and having a good rule set for such concepts that can be reused by DMs in other games would become a selling point, or in our case, a downloading point for Athas as a whole.


Several voiced concerns about the mechanics.

The thing wrong with lifeshaping in 3e is the same thing wrong with trying to implement power sources that the D&D rules insist have to interact with each other: a magic sword means there has to be a psionic sword; the spell dispel magic has to affect psionics; there’s magic resistance and psionic resistance. It sickeningly goes on.

Lifeshapes are replacements for magic items and monsters.

Psionic items are replacements for magic items.

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I have always preferred psionics are different.

Also I dislike the attempts at forcing the systems to be equivalent. Psionics should be different from chi, from incarnum, from lifeshaping, and especially from magic. I want to see improved stand alone systems for each concept.

I DO think that how the various systems interact (or not, as the case may be) should be defined or have guidelines, at least. But let them all have unique areas and specializations.

I see more value in having multiple unique rule sets which embody different concepts that can be used to DM advantage in not only Athas but also in all their non-Athas games. Create rules which are toolsets that enable fun and creativity.