Fauna of The Forest Ridge

Outside of Sloth, Feylar, Tigonne, Tagster and Kirrie what beasts exist within the Forest ridge. Im considering taking a Peter Jackson king kong approach to the area and want cannon examples before I start adding my own (Feel free to do the same here :sunglasses:).


Forest Spiders, a few types of killer plants…

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I was thinking intelligent spiders. Or maybe degenerate feylarr think girallons. Maybe some type of dinosaur, or murderous insects.

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Sure, sounds fun.

I just recall the spiders and attack-vines from one of the PP books.

Did anyone ever make random encounter tables for the various terrain features on the Dark Sun map?

I know some 2e Monstrous Compendiums had them, but I’m not sure if DS ever did it.

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I dont know if there is. That would be a great help. I don’t use random encounters but I wouldn’t mind the inspiration

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Its on the list for eventual rerelease on Athas.org.


Thanks!! Why Gith? Or B’hrog? Arnt both of those more desert and mountain creatures?

Just had a thought Petterrans or Dray on Dinosaurs

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IDK, its 22 yrs old. Your guess is as good as mine.

Besides big cats and apes, crocodiles (near rivers/ponds), all kinds of snakes, frogs, lizards, spiders and other insects. Lots of birds, but maybe only on the fear side : strange bird songs/sounds, stressful songs, or worse no more bird song : what could frighten them to the point they don’t sing anymore ?

If you want the Forest Ridge to be scary, small snakes, frogs and spiders can be poisonous and cause a constant threat to the players, in addition to the fear of being ambushed by halflings… You could make the players launch a Fortitude save every x hours or loose a fixed amount of hp. Or use the equivalent of a 4th edition skill challenge for the players to reach their destination with poisoning, disabilities, loss of hp if they fail too much skill tests.

The combinaison of heat, moisture, bugs and tropical diseases could make any trip within the Forest Ridge a real challenge even without any “serious” encounter.

For the random encounter tables, I use the same as the ones mentioned by The_DMs_Revenge, but only for inspiration, and I only use the “big ones” as fixed encounters.