Favorite City State

What is your favorite city state and why? (Feel free to pull from any point in time from before the prism pentad all the way through to the latest books.)

For bonus points, what is your favorite source for your city state?

Kurn, for two reasons :1)Only sorcerer-king that isn’t gping for Dragon transformation; 2)It’s originally an elven city.

For the bonus points: Wisdom of the Drylanders


Nibenay. Mainly because it’s detailed in the Ivory Triangle box set. The customs and various oddities really helps the players immerse themselves into the setting.

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NIbenay as well. It is an excellent base when running trader campaigns cuz House Shom barely notices things anyway. For the bonus points obviously Ivory Triangle.


B-b-b-b-but, but i love them all! They’re all based on ancient civilizations, and i love them all!!!


This one’s hard, real hard. Both Kurn and Kalidnay are up there, along with Nibenay, and Urik, maybe Balic too…


Just kidding!
Kalidnay all the way! \m/
Still love them all though…

BONUS POINT: Forbidden Lore boxed set, Dark Recesses booklet & Dungeon 190

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I thought kalidnay was only ruins and that Kalid MA was killed by a triple team before the setting? And I have never heard of any of the books you listed. Are they ravenloft?

The former is (Ravenloft), the latter is a Dungeon Magazine (#190).

I like the air of mystery around it (also Nibenay).

Notice a pattern?

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As I’m starting up a campaign called the Rise of Kalidnay I’m going to have to go with Felix - Kalidnay all the way.


Can y’all tell me a bit about it, I’m afraid I pretty much said everything I know. It was Egyptian, right?

Nah, I’ll point ya this way.


And Dungeon Magazine 190 has just about everything for Kalidnay that you need. The stats are for 4e however.
You have the magazines, right?
If not i could elaborate more here.

Edit: Just reread my comment and found that i sounds like I’m saying “Nah” to being able to tell you about it. XD Sorry about that. Lol
I meant about it being Ægyptian.

I can get my hands on a copy of it. Thank you.

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