Favourite psionic enchantment

I was just rereading the Crimson legion and tithians face in the clouds got me thinking. What was your favourite use of a psionic enchantment in your campaigns?

It’s storytime brothers and sisters. Can’t wait to read about it.


Storytime for crickets, apparently. In truth, I’m not sure how many people have actually played Dark Sun at high enough levels for psionic enchantments or epic spells to matter. I have, however, off the top of my head, I don’t think that there were any particularly spectacular or memorable uses of such magic, aside from the defiler metamorphosis spell.

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Yeah I feel the same way. I remember the description in the Dragon Kings book where psionic enchantments are supposed to be spells powerful enough to base an entire campaign around a single spell. Now that sounds like magic to me! Kind of makes me think of the first sword for truth novel. Where the villain needed the book of counted shadows to complete a epic level spell and failure resulted in his death. I was expecting other forum goers to jump at the chance to tell their tales. From one side of GM screen or the other. Oh well. Maybe everyone just kills their players at low levels lol.


I play high level campaigns almost exclusively. I was holding back replying to see what others would say.

I would like to preface my comments by saying that my campaigns are run like a four color comic book from the golden age of comics. So my players can expect the opposition to escalate along with them, through conspiracies complex and dire, villains beyond the pale, planes beyond number, and always something new.

I think my favorite psionic use is the psionic mythal. I just enjoy how mythals function and the wide range of applications they have. So many possibilities.