Fiction about the champions planning to fight Rajaat

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Borys of Ebe looked about at his fellow champions. Assembled around Borys were the other ‘Champions of Rajaat’, although to the humans they led they were known as Champions of Humanity. There had already been race wars going on before the coming of Rajaat and his champions, but with the coming of the champions, the wars had taken on a distinctly genocidal focus.

“Rajaat is mad, insane”, proclaimed Borys, “we must stop him from cleansing humanity from the face of Athas!”.
Sacha of Bodach stirred, “We have yet to see solid proof of these claims”, casting an eye at Hamanu, “let us ask Rajaat himself”.
“We have seen the proof. There is nothing more to say. He will return Athas to the Blue Age, and there will be no room in it for humanity”, replied Keltis, also known as the Lizard Man Executioner.

There were murmurs of agreement among the assembled champions. It had been decided. They were to stop Rajaat.

Dregoth, the ‘Ravager of Giants’ and almost as large as a giant himself, held up his great maul and said, “but how can we defeat him? As strong as we are, we are no match for him”.
Uyness of Waverly averred, “we are fourteen, and he is one. We can overwhelm him”.
Gallard, who had a reputation for sneakiness as much as the Gnomes he cleansed from Athas, dissented, “We cannot defeat him. Not without an advantage. And I believe I have found it”.

“Out with it then, Gallard! Rajaat may find out about our meeting and time is of the essence!”, roared Borys.

Gallard continued. “I do not think that the Dark Lens is a part of the Pristine Tower at all. I believe that the Dark Lens can be removed from the Steeple of Crystals and used as a weapon. We must take the Dark Lens and use it when we ambush Rajaat…”

I think that was how the champions did the impossible. They used the Dark Lens. It enhanced their powers enough that they could temporarily defeat Rajaat.

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Great short story. Paints a nice little image in the back of the mind.

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