Final Revisions to the Old School Essentials Dark Sun Conversion

How is it going everybody? I just completed the revisions to the whole OSE Dark Sun conversion. This is a series of improvements and restructuring and additions to all booklets to make the conversion more appealing to both players and DMs who want to play a Dark Sun Campaign.To begin with, the Conversion is separated in 4 Booklets: The Genre Rules (Previously called Character Creation), The Dungeon Master’s Guide (Previously called Guide for DMs), The Monster Manual and a separate book for Psionic and Magic Rules. All Booklets in the conversion include printing guidelines for printing them in A5 format, their pdfs are bookmarked for ease for reference and all of them have some additions and changes, listed as follows:

  • Genre Rules: This one has the least changes overall, I took out the psionics and magic rules and changed them for equipment, followers and stronghold rules, similar to its equivalent in the OSE Box Set.

  • Dungeon Master’s Guide: This one had the most additions. Basically I added more tools and tips for DMs for how to run a Dark Sun Game, with tips regarding tracking resources, and explanation to the Athasian Calendar, a series of potential adventure and campaign scenarios for inspiration and a lot of random tables, such as: Trinkets, Settlement Generation, City-State Generation, Dungeon Generation and more! I also moved here the appendix L: House Rules, previously present in the Character Creation Booklet, as it was honestly more fitting to be present here. I am also repeating the rules for equipment present in the genre rules, that way both DMs and Players are able to reference weapons and armor easily on the table.

  • Monster Manual: This one didn’t have much to add, but I added two monster, the Crystal Spyder and the Zhackal, present in the original monster compendium.

  • Psionics & Magic: This one had some additions still in regards to methods for defiling (Like defiling while preparing spells rather than during casting) and Obsidian Orbs, a rather bold invention of mine, basically spell batteries that contain energy for spells combined with sith holocrons from Star Wars, I know, of Apocryphal within the Canon, but I couldn’t help to add them because I thought they were so cool!

Now, some of you made the question as to when it would be safe to print the booklets, to which I finally say you guys can do it, as I won’t be adding anything else to the conversion that I think is important to enjoy the setting to its fullest, or at least not in the foreseeable future. Rather, I’ll slowly work in making the big tome that will have everything in just one book, but the only changes within it will be the referencing of pages, table of contents and bookmarking, so rest assured that your print out of this project will not be missing out of anything. I also made a Character Sheet! This is honestly not my strength, I feel it’s rather simplistic, but I still think it is functional and easy to use, I will not be sending it in PDF, rather I’ll send it in PPT format, so you easily copy it and fill it with no issues if you are running a game online. Thank you so much for your support, this has been an amazing experience for me, I’ll now take my time to start my own athasian campaign and start working on some other projects I am super excited about. Now is your turn, however go out and have the best games you can and enjoy all the excitement the ravaged world of Athas is capable to provide!

Genre Rules

Dungeon Master’s Guide

Psionics and Magic

Monster’s Manual

Character Sheet


First of all - thank you for sharing this incredible project with us!! Each booklet is put together nicely and follows the great formatting of OSE - which is very nice.

I can only imagine how much time and effort you put into all of this, not to mention your continuing work, and I can appreciate the dedication.

While I had once felt the need for Dark Sun to emerge into 5e, having read many arguments for and against, over the past year I have been convinced that maybe looking backwards is more wise than looking forward. This OSE conversion will certainly fit the bill for me and my group, who have continued to play Dark Sun with 2ed rules for as long as the setting has been around. So, thank you again! Great job!!


Thank you for taking the time to complete this and doing an outstanding job on it. My group is excited to use the OSE rules for our favorite setting, Dark Sun. Plus the OSE rules are soon to be sent from their recent KS. Anyway, thanks again for your hard work.

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