First version of my OSR (As in Basic D&D and Retroclones) conversion of the Dark Sun Campaign Setting

Greetings everyone, I just completed the first version of my Basic D&D and OSR conversion of Dark Sun, please feel free to check out and provide feedback:

Great work.
I had thought about doing an OSR version of Dark Sun, so this hits all the highlights for me.
(I ended up doing an FKR version instead - still in playtest)


  • Climb Sheer Surfaces is abbreviated to “CP” in your thief table?
  • I like that you included Bronze Pieces as a currency
  • I like that you’ve limited the number of weapons - how did you decide on this particular set?
  • Maybe add a table of contents at the front?

Hi, thanks for the response, let me tackle on your points and questions one by one.

  1. You may notice on a second read, but I made a lot a of mistakes in redaction, formatting, typos and maybe even grammatical mistakes in many places that I may have not even noticed yet. I thank you for pointing it out, as I am listing every mistake that people and I find for a corrected version in the future, and if you find any other mistake, please let me know.

  2. Thank you! I honestly don’t like the systems of currency and values for goods found in basically every other Dark Sun ruleset, mostly because I am not a fan of bits and the values provided. I included bronze because it was the immediate higher value material next to ceramic for coins (Aside of copper, but I didn’t any confusions in notation)

  3. I wanted to provide only weapons that are typical to Athas. I don’t about others, but something that I have noticed while playing is that my players always pick the Athasian version of weapons that are present in other worlds (Like swords, daggers, hammers, etc), basically shunning the native weapons like Alhulaks, Trikals, etc. So I just listed weapons that I thought were the most recognizable and made a short list so things don’t get confusing.

  4. In the disclaimers at the first page I mentioned it, and yes, I am planning to add a table of contents, an Index, and maybe make more rules for hirelings, mounts, bartering or some other tables, we’ll see.

You have certainly done a lot of work putting this together - keep at it and post your final version!