Former Templars of Tyr and other Free Cities?

While the rules fairly clearly state that Templars whose respective Sorcerer King dies are meant to become an NPC class until they find a new patron, how do you all typically handle making a character who used to be a Templar, such as one from Tyr, Raam, Draj, and perhaps Balic, if the campaign is meant to start after the deaths of their respective Sorcerer Kings(IE, after the prism pentad, or at least after the liberation of Tyr)?
Do you have the (Former) Templar just make a character as a different class such as a fighter or rogue, or do you have them still make the character as a Templar, only to strip their powers away immediately? Or is there some other method that might work in these situations?

First, welcome.
I’ve never had this come up, but I would have them make a Templar, strip them of their magic and then lower their experience requirements appropriately. I am talking about AD&D, of course.

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You could always try and have them been a “Templar”, but really a Psion or Defiler… (backgrounds are hands down the best [only good?] part of 4e DS).

There doesn’t seem to be a good mechanical way to handle that in 2e. Certainly in 3e you could just have them be a former Templar and then multi-classed into something else. A little XP adjustment and you’re good to go…

I really like how 4E had templars be a theme and for the traditional spellcasting templar to be a warlock with a sorcerer king’s pact.

These both made more sense to me than making templars be simply a cleric by a different name. That was one of the things I disliked about DS when it first came out.