Graphic Designer Needed for Killer Dark Sun Project: LANDS OF THE RAVAGED SUN

Looking for graphic designer!! I’m leading the charge on a very cool original Dark Sun campaign: Lands of the Ravaged Sun, any help in this specific regard would be really amazing. We plan on offering it to the public free (donations will also be very welcome and will keep the project going if they cover the costs of production) as each trilogy of adventures are completed, this is not a for profit endeavour. Robert Adducci as lead writer, Devon Night is creating custom top-down tokens, Oneiromancy is on battle maps and a few sketch artists (Matthew Makin, L C Freitas) are also on board. Here is an example of some of the custom tokens from Devin already nearing completion, as well as a section of the custom battle map from the first adventure and a draft of the sketch are from adventure #2:




I’d love to work on a project like this. I do layout for a lot of projects, I don’t like self promoting too much but if you want examples of stuff I have done recently then shoot me a message.


I love the idea of a new Dark Sun project. However, I do not have any of the skills you mention or any experience working on such a project. I do love Devon Night’s artwork and his Dark Sun tokens in particular. Also, there definitely seems to be a need for Dark Sun maps, especially with a flair of uniqueness for each of the separate City States architecture. I would like to donate to the project. How would I do that?

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Hiya, support like yours will be critical so thank you very much for reaching out. We hope to have the first three adventures ready fo the public very soon, I’ll post here once they are. Cheers!

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Hi sorry for the slow reply. We are all set as Avagion (who is redoing all the cartography maps here on athasorg) has stepped up. But I will keep you in my pocket so to speak if another opportunity opens up.

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UPDATE: We are all set, a HUGE thank-you to Avagion for stepping up to add his expertise.

Nice to hear, are there any examples of Avagion’s work? I’m glad things are moving forward.

We are getting very close. The first trilogy of adventures is looking fantastic and I think the overall campaign premise that Robert put forward is fresh yet still very true to the feel and canon of Dark Sun.