Graytch, Dragon from the TSR trading cards

Found here.

Is there any further information about this guy?

Found only on the trading cards as far as I know.

25th Level dragon
Neutral Evil

Once a defiler in the employ of Kalak of Tyr. Graytch learned of his potential for dragon transformation many years ago. He vanished from the Tyr region, pursuing his destiny among the wanderers and thri-kreen tribes of the distant south. With great power within his grasp, Graytch dreams of making Tyr his own.

I’ve only used him once. In FY 12 the PCs ran across him when trying to get to the Sistermoon Mountains to free Sielba (and Cielbia). They were following huge areas of defiled land leading south and west along the northern border of the Western Dreadlands when they ran into him. He had caused the damage during his rage and had come out of it about a year before. He had a few undead followers, mostly wraiths, but nothing living. The PCs accidentally informed him Kalak was dead and Tyr was free for the taking. He’d actually helped Kalak work on the transformation spells and design the ziggurat so he planned to take over and complete the process himself. The PCs managed to escape by slipping into the Deadlands where Graytch wouldn’t follow and continued on their way south. Graytch was going to head north to Tyr but they didn’t run across Graytch again since that group spent a lot of time rebuilding the city and populating it using alternate planes.

Graytch (NE Male stage V dragon defiler 5/arch defiler 5/ kineticist 7/cerebremancer 10/dragon 5)


25th level? Not only would that make him more powerful than Kalak, it would make him more powerful than almost all of the dragon monarchs. Also, wouldn’t he be insane at that level?

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25th level is according to the TSR card. Note that Kalak never appeared in it, or Spellfire. The only SMs to get the detail of the TSR card was Borys and the Athasian Dragon. I haven’t been able to get a hold of either of those cards though, so I don’t know what’s on them.

As a 25th level dragon he would be the 3rd furthest along in his transformation that we know of. 30 for Borys, 29 for Dregoth, 25 for Graytch (and maybe Kalid-Ma and Kalak). Depending on how you do the animalistic stages (Dragon Kings had them insane from 25 to 30, other places it’s a period of adjustment in each stage which is how I personally run it or you run into problems with Dregoth)

As far as actual power, each of the SMs have templars, armies, a city, knowledge of history and warfare that nobody else has, magical and psionic items and artifacts, and of course the sheer illusion that they are the most powerful beings on the planet.

I run Kalak as a non-champion, he’s just strong enough that any SM that tried to take him would be so beat up that any other SM could take out the originally attacking SM and none of the SMs would help another to take on Tyr because each would want the iron mine for themselves and wouldn’t trust the other to honor any deal they made for it. Kalak and Tyr is just too big to be swallowed.

For the upstarts, they think he’s more powerful than he really is. Think of the devil in Incarnations of Immortality by Peirs Anthony, the greatest lie the devil ever told is that he had the power to destroy any demon at any time, and that’s how he maintained his power.

For reference in my campaigns, Kalak was a LE Male stage I dragon defiler 5/arch defiler 10/kineticist 5/metamind 10/cerebremancer 10/dragon 2 before he started the accelerated transformation.

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I’ve mentioned Graytch in passing. The players have discovered that currently he is decimating entire swathes of land far to the south, beyond the Obsidian Plain. The game time frame is an alternate passing of Kalak, where he rooted out the original heroes but failed his ritual… so Borys actually sends a group of Ur Draxans to occupy Tyr in order to continue receiving his levy. Graytch may come in as a potential ally (then enemy) for the players if they decide to remove Borys’ influence in the City State, but that’s long game planning at best.