Green Age Adventures?

I feel like the Dark Sun online community has gotten really fractured. At least, it seems harder to find stuff than it once was. Perhaps that’s just Google letting me down.

In any case, I’m looking for Green Age adventures and information. Are/were there resources on this topic around the 'Net? Surely someone has published their homebrew Green Age Athas setting…?

I have this: Blue and Green Age play ideas

for mind lords: Mind Lords, Multiple Minds, and Metaconcert

for an alternate psionic class: Creating a Psionic Binder

Also, if you want some stuff I was developing for blue-age technomagic, try this: Expedition to the Barrier Peaks Dark Sun Adaptation

unfortunately, most of these conversations are unfinished, so you’ll have to fill in the gaps.

This is just the stuff i’m personally responsible for. Dig far enough in the arena and i’m sure you’ll find a lot more


I’d use any existing A/D&D adventures with psionics in as a base and adapt them to Athas’ Green Age. Depending on when in the Green Age you want your campaign set, swap out all wizards for psions, psychic warriors, wilders etc. The 2nd Ed adventure “Beyond the Glittering Veil” in Dungeon Magazine #31 might be an interesting psychic/Shadow wizard crossover.

I did find this map if it helps. Otherwise i don’t have much else than Zik-Chil gave you.


Thanks for posting this - this will be very useful :slight_smile:

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