Hamanu Defiler's academy?

Hi all. I’ve been playing Dark Sun for a year now and slowly learning all I can about this awesome setting. I’m running the “original” adventures for my group and right now they are finally reaching Urik at the beggining of Arcane Shadows. One of my awesome players designed a custom earth druid for a past campaing and we saw that it totally fits Dark Sun. So we read the last Athas.org article: “Khan’s Urik”. And at the end it says that Hamanu has a “defiler school”. I knew he has a psionic school but I can’t find anything about the defiler’s school. It could be really interesting for the druid to do something with that academy. I could totally made it up, but i prefer to look for official (or not) info about that acadamy. Please someone could point me out where it is the info about that?

Thanks you in advance.

I don’t think there is any other information. The defiler school is not canon, if I recall correctly.

There probably isn’t a defiler school, but every sorcerer king has servitor defilers on staff.

Yeah I read yesterday that “every” SK has defilers at service, but that is not having a school. Thank you.

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