Handy finds from the wizards forum archive

Band2 writes out all the spells that appear in the Prism Pentad novels. Very handy.

I’ll keep updating this thread as I find useful or interesting things. Feel free to add your own interesting things from the archives.

Update: Homebrew 3e Athasian magical and psionic items. All are properly costed.

Update 2: A 3E build of Hamanu and discussion about how advanced beings should be handled in athas dot org products.

Update 3: Troy Denning is an amnesiac that doesn’t remember much of what he wrote in the past, and has forgotten what his intentions were when writing the Prism Pentad. I had no idea about this until a few years ago, but it was known as early as 2006 as this post by eric_anondson shows.

Update 4: Returning the Sorcerer Monarchs.

Update 5: A discussion about Kurn and Eldaarich. Post #45 by thebrax is likely the origin of the idea that Daskinkor is a body switching psion.

Update 6: A discussion about secular authority.

Update 7: Forum dwellers speculate on the levels of the Sorcerer Monarchs..

Update 8: A discussion about living vortices.

Halflings in suspended animation in Cleft Rock. An answer by Troy Denning.


I still think it’s dementia-induced memory loss. It has been a while, after all.

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